Our Full Interview With DDP: Early WCW Days, WWE Regrets, DDPYoga, Savage, Guererro, More

Page: Dream. It was like... I never thought about being in that spot. I remember telling Dusty, "They're never going to give me the opportunity to be in that spot." I told Dusty, "I'm never going to be you, or Flair or Hogan, I'm never going to be a world champion." Dusty goes, "what did you just say?" I said, "I'm never going to be you..." He said, "no, what did you say after that?" I said, "they're never going to put the world title on me." He said, "what the hell are you doing this for?! If you don't believe that you have the ability to be a world champion, then kid, you need to get the f--k out now."

And he was so right, that day I wrote it down that I would be world champion in five years and it took four years, four months and like 14 days. You know, you talk about dreams manifesting into reality, I did that before the Savage thing ever happened.

WrestlingINC.com: A year later you had that great match with Goldberg at Halloween Havoc. I remember the PPV timing got screwed up and the PPV went off for a lot of people as the match was going to the ring.

Page: [laughs] Yeah.

WrestlingINC.com: But in a way, it worked out, because they showed the match in its entirety on Nitro and even more people saw it.

Page: Exactly.

WrestlingINC.com: Did you know that you were getting close to being the champion when you were feuding with Goldberg?

Page: I knew that I was a viable candidate. [Eric] Bischoff never saw me as "the guy." And I think it's because we were so close at the time. But, I was the guy. If Bill [Goldberg] would have put me over there, I would have jetted into a whole 'nother level there, to that Austin - Rock level. Even JR said when I came to WWE, he goes, "you were right there. In '97 you were the hottest property out there." Austin was coming up, he was lightning hot, but I was on the team that was kicking a-- too. Dusty pulled me aside and said, "you know, I pulled Eric [Bischoff] aside and I said to him, are you sure? This might be the guy to drop him." Because it would have been believable, everyone would have bought it. I would have went to the next f--king level, but they didn't.

But it was what it was, and I'm so happy when I look back at my run. I lived the dream man, on a whole 'nother level.

WrestlingINC.com: You won the title the next year at Spring Stampede in a four way with Sting, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan, how far in advance did you know that you were getting the belt.

Page: I knew they were talking about it, because Hulk... it was actually Hulk and Kevin Nash's idea. They were like, "he's overdue. It's time." For Ric [Flair] of all people taking the finish -- my finish -- right there in the middle, and Randy Savage handing me the belt... think about that. Two years earlier, Randy puts me over at Spring Stampede... that's obviously my favorite PPV ever, Spring Stampede.

WrestlingINC.com: Yeah, that had to be wild winning the title in a four way where you've got Sting, Hogan, Flair in the match and Savage as referee. You can't duplicate that kind of star power in one ring today.

Page: No way. When you think of all the years of lineage that's there and... I don't think you can do it ten years from now, even if all the guys stay healthy. Those four guys, they were all mega-icons. And after that match, it was just me and Hogan when I walked in the door. He looks up at me and goes, "that you, of all people, who people that was a joker and you worked so hard. That you would become a world champion is the way this business should be. That's what it's all about."

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