Harry Smith Talks Not Joining Legacy, Future Of Tag Teams In WWE, His WWE Departure & More

So yeah, there were plans for that, but I don't know where that would ended up getting me. I think it was probably better that I ended up doing the thing with TJ [Wilson] and Nat, Tyson Kidd and Natalya. Legacy shortly after split up anyways, so I'm not sure where that would have left me [laughs].

WrestlingINC.com: When the Hart Dynasty was formed, it seemed that is was about time you were given something substantial to do and you guys got the push early on. What was that like, working with Tyson Kidd and Natalya?

Smith: It was great, I had known TJ since... I first met him when I was like 5 years old, he came over to my house to watch Royal Rumble '91 in Calgary. His debut match was with me tagging up against Teddy Hart and his brother Matthew who passed away, so I mean he was great and Nattie being my cousin and everything, it was great. I truly felt our first run on ECW that we had when we were given the push and given the opportunity and a little bit of something, that it probably my best run in WWE. The tag team title run was good too, but I felt that the ECW one was probably my favorite.

WrestlingINC.com: I thought, with you guys teaming together, it definitely brought back memories of the 80's tag teams where you would have the power guy and the high flyer. But WWE puts no interest in tag teams anymore.

Smith: Yeah, exactly [laughs].

WrestlingINC.com: Do you think the tag team division is just going through a lull? Do you see tag team wrestling being given much focus in the future?

Smith: You know, that's kind of up in the air because I have... since I left, I have had no interest in even watching the product. Who are the tag champions now, I don't even know?

WrestlingINC.com: Uh... It's... Epico and Primo. Sorry about that, it took me a second.

Smith: Part of that is because of, like you don't know who the tag team champs are, is because WWE doesn't care about them. It's not pushed, so nobody knows who the champions are right now anyways. It could be brought back, but the consensus is that Vince [McMahon] just doesn't care about them and it's just kind of like filler for the show.

I heard a story, this is what supposedly happened. Paul London and Spanky [Brian Kendrick] were tag team champions and they went to the Titan Towers there, and I think it's on the third floor they had like a cardboard cut out type thing of all the champions who were there at the time. Beth Phoenix is the divas champion, Randy Orton was the heavyweight champion... whoever was a champion had a cut out. So Spanky and Paul London, they go in and are looking around and they don't see their cut outs and they are tag team champions so they asked Shane McMahon, "Hey, where's our cut out?" He was like, "Oh, you didn't know?" And they were like, "Know what?" So he goes, "Oh, we haven't liked a tag team since LOD." They were like, "Okay, well that's not good."

So that's what Vince thinks of the tag team division, unfortunately. So whether or not it will come back, I don't know, but I certainly hope it will because it's a great element to wrestling. You can have so much fun with tag team matches, all sorts of saves and double team moves, people interacting, partners interacting with each other and everything like that. I hope so, but I don't know.

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