Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

- Former manager and wrestler Don Callis (Cyrus, The Jackal) is now the President, CEO and Executive Director of the Manitoba Trade and Investment Corporation.

- The battle royal to crown CM Punk's WrestleMania 28 opponent on last week's RAW Supershow was an idea from Vince McMahon at the last minute. While WWE officials knew for months they were going with Punk vs. Chris Jericho, they did not know how they would get there.

There was one idea discussed where Jericho would insult Punk so bad that Punk would demand the match but it was decided that was too similar to Triple H and The Undertaker's storyline. It was also argued that fans just paid to see the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view to determine WrestleMania main events and having Jericho throw insults to get a title shot would devalue the Chamber to fans.

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