Chris Masters Talks His WWE Run, Talent Brought Up Too Early, HHH, HBK & His Wellness Violation

I can't think of anybody, except for Matt Hardy, and the only reason I say it is because everybody knows it, being the last guy to really kind of have an issue up there. Obviously you know he didn't last. It definitely has accomplished its goal as far as cleaning up the guys and stuff, some of it might be a little aggressive as far as what they are doing now what with the synthetic cannabis and all that, you know what I mean? But you know, what it comes down to with me is we see what's happening, you know? The government can tell us one thing or whatever, but with filling people prescription pills, it's what's killing people and that's what gets pushed to all the consumers, including not just wrestlers, but celebrities and regular people. Speaking of that, do you think marijuana should be on the banned list?

Masters: I am conflicted on this because I can understand the importance of the company not having their entertainers being caught with marijuana because of it being a public image issue. In terms of with marijuana, if it is truly a wellness policy and we are trying to keep our performers well, I don't think marijuana really has any negative effect. It has never killed anybody, you know? Cigarettes kill people, alcohol kills people, but we're allowed to do that. That goes to a bigger picture, that's our country. Just looking at the policy itself, I don't think it should be banned. But then again, it's not even banned at this point, it is a fine. It's an aggressive fine I would say, I would definitely say that. Do you think if marijuana wasn't banned that it would lead to less people using painkillers? Or do you think it would not make much of a difference on that front?

Masters: Oh, I think it would help immensely just because it's... prescription painkillers, they're again, they're a killer. And people can use cannabis for useful matters, like pain. It's a painkiller but it's not, you're not getting chemically addicted to marijuana. I think it is definitely a route that the country as a whole should look to as far as treating patients for different things, different ailments or disease or whatever they have, you know what I mean?

Make sure to check back tomorrow for the second part of our interview with Christopher Mordetzky, where he talks about his release from WWE, returning to WWE, not being used, being released again, TNA, Ring Ka King and much more.

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