The official Facebook page for Extreme Reunion posted the following footage and description of Shane Douglas being escorted out of RAW in Philadelphia on Monday. Douglas tells Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter that he is taking the business back and occupying them.

"Pre-story: Shane Douglas attended WWE Raw 3/19 in Philly wearing a Lucha mask and sitting hard shot camera side right in the middle. During the Kane / Big Show match up, Shane became very hot wearing a long sleeve shirt and mask and had to "get out of that shirt and mask" dying of heat. He wore the mask to conceal his identity so he would not disturb the show, but became irate of Vince McMahon's product that he got up, turned his back on the product and proceeded to walk out of the building on his own. While he was walking out several small E-C-W chants ensued, before security converged on Shane to take him into custody. Video of this is online here on youtube and is already at 65,000 views in 24 hours! This was no invasion angle, as it was not planned to be that at all, but just a guy looking to take in some wrestling action, and just getting infuriated with what he was watching.

Extreme Reunion officials were contacted earlier today 3/20 that a fan happened to take his camera and put it into video mode to catch up with Shane Douglas as he was being detained by security at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia at WWE Raw 3/19 taping. The fan ran from the opposite side of the building to not only grab this great candid video, but also got to meet "The Franchise" one on one outside after being thrown out for associating with the Franchise.

Shane Douglas and the Extreme Reunion officials were busy all day Monday 3/19 shooting videos throughout South Philly and Northeast Philadelphia. In South Philly Shane stopped by his old stomping grounds the ECW Arena, and as he was getting ready to leave, the new owners of the building invited Shane in to use the building for whatever. Interesting. Shane also stopped down on Jewelers row to visit longtime friend and former ECW owner Tod Gordon. Later in the evening he was seen in a confrontation with Pitbull Gary Wolf in South Philly. More videos to come.

All these things on 3/19 was to raise awareness and publicity for the 4/28 Extreme Reunion event in Philadelphia."

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