Former WWE Head Writer Talks Meeting Vince For First Time, Almost Fighting Hayes, HHH, Stephanie

I got hired around the same stage as a few people from Hollywood who sort of came and went during my time there then continued to come in after. I just feel like, for whatever reason, I was what the flavor of the week was the week that they hired me. [laughs] I got pretty lucky.

WrestlingINC: Walk us through your first day. What was that like?

Greenfield: It was thoroughly bizarre. Skipping past the interview, the first day I show up for work in Stamford -- because I came up to interview with Stephanie (McMahon) and their human resource department before that and had a little bit of experience. I knew where the building was. They fly me out there and they put me up in a hotel for my first month in the company. So, I'm literally staying at this f--king Holiday Inn. They hadn't gotten me a rental car when I got there. So, literally, my first day of work at WWE, I come walking out of the doors of my hotel at 8:30 in the morning to find a gorgeous Lincoln Town Car -- the guy came out and opened the back door for me.

Just the most surreal experience I'd ever had. 'Cause my first day at WWE, I went in a limo. [I found out] how to build heat immediately. [laughs] Of course, everybody goes through that, but I just felt completely self-conscious at the time.

I show up at the building. The first thing I do is go to human resources because they give you this ID because there are security passes at every door and all of that. I get my picture taken. I finally get up to the writer's room and nobody is f--king there. Not a soul. Nobody was in Steph's office. So, I'm just sort of wandering the floor at WWE headquarters completely lost when I walk into the writer's room where the only dude who's in there is another writer who has on headphones and he's watching a match is a guy named Rudy Fischmann. He looks over at me and, literally, the first words out of his mouth are, "Dude, they must not have told you. You're not supposed to wear jeans."

Here's the thing; I show up in what is sort of the Hollywood writer's uniform. Nice jeans, flip-flops and a dress shirt. You had business-casual at WWE and coming out of Hollywood, business-casual was the most insane thing I'd ever heard of. I don't think I own any khakis. What are you talking about? But that was my first day at WWE and then as the morning wore on, I ended up meeting everyone. It was the day of the Raw meeting which I sat in on even though I was a Smackdown guy. But it was sort of overwhelming.

Fortunately, I had been talking to Court Bauer. He had been hired a couple of weeks before me and he had been very kind. Showing me talents from development I had never heard of -- because I was a very casual fans. Telling me what the dirt sheets and why to read them and he was a big help. But, boy, until the first couple of days on the road, it's such a whirl-wind that it's almost hard to remember because you're meeting all these people from the team. [Guys] like Ted DiBiase and Michael Hayes, who I had been fans of growing up and here they are as individuals and colleagues. Meeting Vince for the first time. It was a real whirl-wind.

WrestlingINC: What was it like when you met Vince for the first time? Someone that is so larger-than-life.

Greenfield: I made the very conscious decision of -- look, on the inside, I was clearly star-struck by a few of the people I met. When I first met (Ric) Flair, inside my head -- I grew up in Atlanta going to the Omni (Theater) and watching Flair in his prime with his Four Horseman days. When he was the champion in his NWA days. So, when I first met him, inside, I'm like a 12-year-old kid. Outside, I'm a professional and I'm, "Hey, I'm a professional. I'm working with you. You've got to do this promo." You know? I can't act like a total tool bag marking out. Honestly, that's kind of like what it was with Vince.

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