Former WWE Head Writer Talks Meeting Vince For First Time, Almost Fighting Hayes, HHH, Stephanie

This was true then and just watching the product as a fan, now, it seems even more the case. I think he's calcified in his thinking and I just don't think he's got the same creative sense of daring and sense of play that it felt like he had even in my time. Or obviously during the years of the Monday night wars. As you mentioned with the C.M. Punk thing. It seems like they were really onto something there and now he's just booked like any other top baby face.

Greenfield: Yeah. I don't know, maybe you didn't share the same feeling, but I, and most of my friends, felt it made new wrestling fans from that period of Money In The Bank through SummerSlam. It really felt like it was capturing the culture in a way that it hasn't in a very long time. Then, (Kevin) Nash and wondering if he's teaming with Triple H -- it just seemed like bizarre decisions almost undercut what they had the possibility of by design.

WrestlingINC: It was bizarre. Just watching as a fan, after watching wrestling for a long time, I kind of assumed that they were going to drop the ball but I was hoping that they'd follow through. It definitely felt like it was bringing back a lot of fans that are no longer in to the product or watch it very casually. It seemed like the first interesting thing to happen in a while. After Triple H beat Punk, he's been booked as any other babyface that everyone else has been. What do you think the main reasons are for that? Do you think it's just Vince changing his mind all the time?

Greenfield: Oh, that's apart of it. I think one of the reasons Vince came down so hard on me and we fought all the time was because on some level he's amused by that. He likes people fighting him. On the flipside, he does a pretty good job of breaking writers and making them more concerned with telling Vince what Vince already has in his mind and what he wants to hear rather then their most engaging and creative ideas. So, it sort of becomes this self-perpetuating echo-chamber more concerned with Vince's sense of humor and various capricious ideas. Presenting the best possible product to the audience is not the primary concern. It's making sure that the emperor who's wearing no clothes is happy.

That's not a good process to be in. When the emperor's taste are exactly what the people's tastes are then that's great. When they're not and [the writers] are concerned with whatever crazy thing [Vince is] concerned with, then it doesn't help the audience at all.

WrestlingINC: What was it like working with Stephanie McMahon?

Greenfield: If you read various interviews with writers from my generation, I'm sort of the solo oasis, here. I really dug working with Steph. I thought she was creative as hell and funny. I've said for a really long time that I think she has better creative instincts than Vince. I know for sure that she has better creative instincts than her husband (Triple H). For a long time, I've been a person who says that the day Stephanie takes over -- if that's what happens -- everyone's in for a real treat. Especially after she immediately fires Kevin Dunn about two seconds after she takes over. [laughs]

When people like Court or Andrew Goldstein do interviews where they talk about all of the terrible stuff Steph did, they're not wrong. I think that everything I'm saying is absolutely true but nothing they're saying is wrong. I think that one of the things about Steph is working with her gives each individuals who's working with her a very unique experience. I have nothing but good things to say. I thought she was fantastic to work with, but a lot of people disagree with that. [laughs] They're not wrong in anything they say.

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