WWE RAW Results: Cena Vs. Mystery Opponent, Punk Vs. Henry... Sound Off With Your Thoughts

Laurinaitis announces an Extreme Rules match for Cena tonight but won't reveal his opponent. Laurinaitis also announces a contract signing between Lesnar and Cena for next week's three-hour RAW.

- We get more hype for the WWE Title Match at Extreme Rules with Punk and Jericho. Up next is Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston. Back to commercial.

- Another segment with Hornswoggle in the library.

Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan

Kofi is out first followed by Daniel Bryan. They go at it and Bryan hits a big dropkick in the corner. Bryan drops a knee to the head and holds it. Another knee from Bryan and more offense.

Bryan keeps control of Kofi and takes him back to the mat to wear him down. Kofi fights out of a hold and hits a high elbow to the face. Bryan dumps Kofi on the floor. Bryan leaps off the apron but Kofi moves. Kofi jumps up to the corner and takes Bryan out on the floor with a crossbody. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and they're going at it. Bryan drops Kofi in the corner. More back and forth. Bryan blocks Trouble in Paradise but Kofi blocks the Yes Lock. Kofi hits SOS but can't get the win. They end up on the top rope. Bryan goes for a superplex but Kofi sends him to the mat. Kofi comes down with a crossbody but Bryan moves. Bryan applies the Yes Lock and the crowd chants yes. Kofi taps out to end it.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

- The crowd chants for Bryan after the match but he drops back down and applies the hold to Kofi again. The music of Sheamus hits and out comes the World Heavyweight Champion for the save. Bryan avoids a Brogue Kick and escapes to the ramp where he leads the crowd in Yes chants.

- Still to come tonight, Cena vs. a mystery man in an Extreme Rules match. Back to commercial.

Brodus Clay vs. Dolph Ziggler

Back from the break and out comes Brodus Clay with his dancers. Vickie Guerrero is out next with Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. The bell rings and Dolph tries for a dropkick. Clay grabs Ziggler and tosses him across the ring. Swagger tries to pull Ziggler to safety but Clay stops him. Swagger gets brought in the ring and Clay takes care of them both. Vickie gets on the apron and argues with Clay. Clay's dancers get into it with her. She kicks one of them down on the floor. Vickie gets in the ring and Clay starts jiggling in front of her.She turns around and gets pushed down by Naomi before she leaves the ring screaming. Clay and his dancers dance to end it.

- Laurinaitis is backstage talking with Otunga when Eve Torres walks up. She wants her one-on-one with Laurinaitis and they all go into his office.

- Lawler and Cole lead us into a video package for the late Chief Jay Strongbow.

- R-Truth Sherlock Holmes is backstage looking for Teddy Long a job again.

Big Show and The Great Khali vs. Epico and Primo

We go to the ring and out comes The Great Khali followed by his partner, the WWE Intercontinental Champion Big Show. Rosa Mendes is out next with the WWE Tag Team Champions Primo and Epico for this non-title match. Cole talks about how the champs have been venting on Twitter lately and now they get the TV time they wanted.

The match starts and "AW" Abraham Washington comes out to watch from the ramp. Apparently he's scouting talents looking for new recruits. Khali manhandles the tag champs and drops Primo with a bg shot to the head and a big boot. Rosa gets the titles and the champs go to leave the match. Show grabs them and brings them back in the ring to Khali. Show hits a chokeslam while Khali hits the Punjabi Plunge and they cover for the double pin and the win.

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