Scotty Riggs Talks About His Start In The Business, Winning The WCW Tag Titles, Tag Wrestling & More

To make a long story short, Arn Anderson came up to me at Center Stage and says, 'Kid, you've been working these house shows. You've got a great look, you've got a great work ethic, you don't cause problems. You don't stir stuff up. You just got great character, you're just a good kid. Right now, Dusty is losing his pull and Bischoff is slowly starting to take over. What we need you to do is get out of here.' I'm like, 'Excuse me?' He says, 'You need to get out of here. You're going to get stuck under a ceiling.'

This is Arn and I'm thinking that he pulled me aside and said, 'Kid, you're too good right now. You're going to get stuck. You need to leave.' That's basically when, in January of 1995, I went to USWA and worked for Jerry Lawler. Jake "The Snake" (Roberts) actually introduced me to Lawler at a show in Warner Robins, Georgia. I was giving Jake rides at the time because I was trying to keep him out of trouble. Which, for me, was the hardest thing in the world to do. But Jake put me over huge to Lawler and Lawler told me, 'I'm going to bring you in.' So, January 1st, I got a phone call from Randy Hail, the booker at USWA. 'We want you to come in January 14th.' I said, 'Sure.'

I was there for eight months. Right around six and a half months, I started getting calls from Kevin Sullivan and Terry Taylor and Jenny Ingle, who was the head secretary, about coming in to be (Marcus) Bagwell's partner. So, this was February of 1992 to August of 1995 -- this was just a little over three years before I got my first, actual shot at a contract.

WrestlingINC: When you returned to WCW, you were put in a tag team with Marcus Bagell. Whose idea was it to team you and Bagwell together?

Riggs: I actually think they put the belts on me and Marcus way too soon because we had great chemistry together. The thing was that we weren't established as a tag team yet and we kind of hot-shot it. After they hot-shot it, they said, 'OK. This is the only good guy team we got. Let's use them while we've got them.' Then, we never really got that secondary push.

The funny thing was that me and Marcus were friends before. We hung out in Atlanta or we'd train together here or there. I wouldn't say we were best of pals. Marcus had been with [2 Cold] Scorpio, he had been with Patriot. At the time, when those guys had left, they tried to put him and Alex Wright together with some kind of Germany/America connection. But me and Marcus actually did a music video that WCW show producer Kepper Rogers did. He was trying to expand his resume and put us in a music video so that he could put it out there and let people see his work and stuff like that.

So, I came in from Memphis for a weekend to shoot this thing. Well, he was doing the editing on the video at CNN center. Jimmy Hart, who had been in the business for many years, walked in and a light bulb went off in his head. Him and Alex just wasn't working because Alex was a great singles wrestler and Marcus was a great tag wrestler. Light bulb went off. He saw the great Fantastics. Rock & Roll Express. That late '80's-early '90's, baby face, pure white bread tag team. Two good looking guys. Girls will love them, it'll be cool for the guys.

It was really Jimmy Hart who went to Kevin Sullivan and said, 'Hey, I just saw the perfect guys for Bagwell. He wrestling in USWA and we need to get a hold of him and get him in here. See if he'd be interested in being Bagwell's partner.' Every Wednesday, I was at the Days Inn in Louisville, Kentucky. All of a sudden one day, my phone rang in my room. I was trying to figure out who was calling. So, I pick up the phone and it's Jenny Ingle. 'Kevin Sullivan wants to talk to you.' I was like, 'OK.'

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