TNA Impact Results: Open Fight Night, Bischoff Gets 'Crappy' Farewell, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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Jeremy Borash enters the ring. He thanks Hogan for Open Fight Night because it allows for airing grievances. He wants to call out an employee who has been there a while, but he says he (Borash) has been there longer than anybody. He calls Eric Bischoff a big prick. They cut to the back where the roster is and Velvet Sky looks genuinely surprised. He says instead of getting liquored-up and ranting on Facebook, he wants to look Bischoff in the face and extend his fist down his throat.

Bischoff comes to the ring, applauding. The crowd sings, "Na na na na goodbye." Bishchoff pulls his phone out to take a picture and Borash tells him to install a breathalyzer on it. (Ouch!) Bischoff tells him to enjoy his 15 minutes of fame. Bully comes down and hits a low-blow on Borash from behind. Bischoff continues…Bully takes a picture of Bischoff standing over Borash and Bischoff says he's going to post it on his Twitter. Bischoff calls for a ref, Bischoff hooks Borash's leg and the ref counts to 3. Bischoff slaps Borash on the back of the head repeatedly to add insult to insult. Bully raises Bischoff's hand in victory and then Bischoff does a karate pose as Bully continues to take pics.


Mr. Anderson is backstage talking about his respect for Bischoff, in the business, but calls him a douchebag and that he needs to go "ba- bye."

Mexican America is in the ring with Sarita and Rosita. Anarquia complains about not being included in the tag team title picture. He says no one can beat them, not even one man (that doesn't make sense). Angle is shown walking from the back. He gets in the ring and Anarquia says Hernandez will fight him.

Kurt Angle vs. Anarquia

Anarquia attacks Angle from behind and Hernandez leaves the ring. Anarquia hits some moves but Angle quickly gets the upper hand and hits a German Suplex followed by an Angle Slam, and pulls the straps down. Angle applies the Angle Lock and Anarquia quickly taps.

Winner by submission: Kurt Angle

They show a video of independent wrestler Alex Silva who will be in tonight's Gut Check for a chance at a contract. Al Snow puts over his talent and passion. Silva is from OVW and became their youngest TV Champ in history on his first night.

Al Snow comes to the ring with Silva.


Snow says he is the lead judge for Gut Check. He tells any young talent who are watching to go to to sign up. Silva's opponent is Robbie E.

Robbie E. w/ Robbie T. vs. Alex Silva

Snow joins commentary. Robbie E. slaps Silva who slaps him back and unloads with punches and a clothesline. Robbie quickly hits his own clothesline and chokes Silva out with his boot in the corner. Robbie continues his domination. Robbie misses a splash from up top and Silva takes back over and almost gets a pin. Robbie hits a DDT for the pin.

Winner by pin: Robbie E.

Snow encourages fans to go on Twitter and give their opinion on Silva.
Hogan is at his desk, Taz says he is deciding who is going to get a shot at the tag titles. Hogan looks at his phone.


Hogan welcomes all the eligible teams to his office. He asks Daniels & Kazarian why they deserve a shot. Daniels says The Machine Guns lost last week, out of ODB & Eric Young: one is a man and one has a bad beard (LOL), he berates Hardy and Anderson and says he and Kazarian are only choice. Machine Guns put themselves over and say they want it more.

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