TNA Impact Results With Video: Qualifiers For World Title Shot, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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TNA Knockouts Championship:

Gail Kim (c) vs. Velvet Skye vs. Brooke Tessmacher

Brooke and Velvet work together and get Gail out of the ring. They face each other with some back and forth. Gail grabs Velvet's foot from the outside and enters the ring against Brooke. She dominates and puts on a Boston Grab. Velvet comes in and simultaneously applies a Dragon Sleeper to Gail. They both break the holds.

Gail puts Brooke in a submission and Velvet comes in from behind and tries to steal a pin. Gail delivers a double missile dropkick. Velvet hits an In Your Face to Brooke and goes for a pin but Gail throws her out and steals the pin.

Winner by pin and STILL Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim


-10 years of TNA video

OFN Qualifier #4:
Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle

Joe goes for the legs then hits some strikes to Angle in the corner. Angle goes out to regroup. He reenters and takes Joe down with a double-leg and hits some strikes. Joe hits a couple of shoulder blocks and drops a big knee across Angle's chest. Joe hits a European uppercut. Angle hits a beautiful belly-to-belly. Roode comes out on the stage to watch.


Roode has joined the broadcast table. Angle hits a reverse elbow and applies a rear choke. Roode says he's not afraid of anyone. Joe fights back but gets a big boot in the face. This does little damage as he quickly catches Angle off the top with a butt breaker on his knee and multiple slams for a near fall. Angle hits a flurry of Germans. Angle pulls the straps down and is caught in a sleeper. Angle drops down and applies the Angle Lock which Joe quickly gets out of.

Joe kicks Angle in the face after a splash in the corner. Angle catches Joe's boot and hits the Angle Slam but Joe kicks out. Joe kicks Angle down but Angle catches his leg and applies the Angle Lock. Joe tries to fight out and shifts his weight, sending Angle face-first into the turnbuckle. Angle charges at Joe in the corner but he gets Rock Bottomed. Joe puts Angle on the top rope but Angle fights out. Angle falls on top of Joe and uses his weight to get the pin.

Winner by pin: Kurt Angle

Roode raises his title on the stage as the two men stare at each other and have words. Hardy appears in the crowd. Bully comes out on the stage behind Roode, followed by AJ.

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