Source: PWInsider

- For the past ten years, video content from WWE's "Attitude Era" (19982002) has been edited due to a lawsuit with the World Wildlife Fund over the WWF initials. All WWF "scratch" logos and references to the initials had to be blurred or edited out. This directive has now changed, at least in part.

In regards to the former "scratch" logo appearing unaltered in video packages in recent weeks, use of the symbol in flashback sequences is permitted after the organization's legal proceedings with the World Wildlife Fund were settled in the last quarter. However, it is unclear whether the permission extends to complete matches and other archival footage.

Meanwhile, published a photo gallery Tuesday chronicling the long line of Presidents, Commissioners and General Managers that have ruled over sports-entertainment and a shot of Mick Foley donning a T-shirt with the WWF "scratch" logo on display is shown.

- Former WWE Women's Champion Sable, wife of WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar, turns 45-years-old on Wednesday. Though her age has come into question over the years, Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer noted in her $110 million lawsuit against WWE in 1999 (citing allegations of sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions) that she listed herself as being born on August 8, 1967. Therefore, she was 28-years-old when she joined the sports-entertainment organization in 1996 and 35 when she returned in 2003.

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