JB is backstage with Magnus and a Twitter question. Magnus says he is free tonight. He has broken out of political prison. He asks Samoa Joe how he will recover from the most devastating loss of his career.

TNA Television Title Match: Magnus vs. Samoa Joe

Out first comes Magnus followed by the TNA TV Champion Samoa Joe. They lock up and trade holds before breaking. They lock up again and go to the corner before Magnus backs off. Another lock up and they go to the corner again. Joe with a back splash and a kick in the corner. Joe with right hands now. The referee backs Joe off and Magnus gets in a cheap shot. Magnus with uppercuts but Joe comes right back. Magnus with a clothesline. Magnus with knees and forearm shots in the corner. Joe comes back with right hands but Magnus drops him with a high knee.

Magnus with a big elbow to the back and another pin attempt. Magnus with more uppercuts. Joe fires back with open slaps but Magnus drops him with a big driver. 2 count for Magnus. Magnus rams Joe back into the corner. Joe runs into a boot but caches Magnus with an atomic drop. Joe with a senton for a close 2 count. Joe with a big snap slam for another pin attempt. Joe catches Magnus with a powerbomb for another 2 count. Joe goes for the crossface and locks it in. Magnus goes for the ropes but Joe pulls his arms back and tightens the hold. Magnus finally gets his legs to the ropes and breaks it.

Joe goes for the Musclebuster but Magnus rakes his eyes. They end up on the top and Joe headbutts him to the apron. Magnus with a big knee to the mouth and Joe falls to the mat. Magnus goes to the top for the elbow drop and nails it but Joe kicks out at 2. Joe gets riled up and fires away with rights. Joe goes for the rear-naked choke but it's countered. 2 count by Magnus. Joe goes for the choke again but it's blocked with a jawbreaker. Magnus takes out Joe's knee and he goes down. Magnus goes for a Figure Four but Joe locks in the choke for the submission win.

Winner: Samoa Joe

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