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- Impact opens with highlights of recent weeks. We go to pyro and crowd shots. Genesis is in 3 days. Sting's music hits and he comes to the ring with his bat and flanked by Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe.

Sting says he's just getting started and he will be looking for Doc at Genesis. He is feeling frisky tonight and he brought some friends with him. Sting invites Aces & 8's to come get some. We get "Joe" chants from the crowd as he cuts a promo on the masked posse. Joe hands the mic to Angle who gets his own pop. Angle says they are going to expose all of Aces & 8's but tonight wants to expose someone else: he invites Mr. Anderson to the ring to come down and explain who's side he's on.

Anderson's music hits and he walks to ringside. Anderson asks where these guys were when Aces & 8's were tap-dancing on his face a few weeks ago. Angle says Anderson is either with them or they are going to fight. Anderson gets into the ring as Sting and Joe go to the corner and Angle and Anderson lock eyes in the middle of the ring. Anderson says he doesn't answer to Angle and he actually never liked him. Angle says the feeling is mutual and clocks Anderson and mounts him for more. Anderson ducks out of the ring and walks up the ramp. Angle yells that this is not over.

- We go to the announcers who discuss things. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries face Jeff Hardy and James Storm tonight. Also, Gut Check is back with 2 contestants competing against each other. We go to a vignette for one of the contestants, Jay Bradley. He says he has watched some of the guys he broke in with become stars and it will be him tonight.

- Brooke Hogan arrives backstage, getting driven around the arena in a golf cart. She tells the interviewer she is on her way to talk to her dad and air things out in public as usual. She gets a call from "Mark" and tells him that she thinks he will listen this time.

- We return as Zema Ion is in the ring and Kenny King enters.

X-Division Tournament: Zema Ion vs. Kenny King

They lock up and King stomps him in the corner. King launches Ion onto the apron and hits him with an Enzuigiri to send him to the floor. King tries a corkscrew but Ion slides into the ring and flies over the top with a summersault plancha onto King. Back in the ring King hits a big spin kick for 2. Quick-paced back and forth. Ion counters King with an inside cradle for 2. Ion goes up top for a 450 but King rolls out of the way and hits the Royal Flush for the win.

Winner by pin: Kenny King

King takes the mic from Christy Hemme at ringside and says the next time she announces him it will be as the X-Division Champion.

- Robbie E, with Robbie T, complains to someone behind a curtain about his bad past few weeks including Jersey Shore getting cancelled. He wants this person to tag with him tonight. It's Miss Tessmacher and she says he disgusts her. She agrees only if she can tag with a winner. She taps Robbie T on the arm and walks away. We go to break.

- An excited Joseph Park narrates the camera as he arrives at the arena to meet with Hulk Hogan. He says he walks in not as an attorney but a wrestler. The door to the arena is locked and he runs into it.

- Tara and Jesse are in the ring as Tessmacher and the Robbie's make their entrance.

Tara & Jesse vs. Robbie T & Miss Tessmacher

We see footage of Robbie T stealing the show at the 'Bro-Off' two weeks ago. Jesse attacks Robbie T from behind but quickly gets man-handled. Jesse tags Tara which brings Tessmacher in for a flurry. Tessmacher does the Stinkface to Tara and tags Robbie T which means Jesse has to come in also. Robbie T hits a massive powerbomb on Jesse for the win.

Winners by pin: Robbie T & Miss Tessmacher

Robbie E goes to raise both their arms in the ring but Robbie T doesn't cooperate. Some cheesy music plays as Robbie T pumps his fist in the air. He dances with Tessmacher and plants a big kiss on her. Tessmacher passes out in the ring and Robbie T walks out to Robbie E's dismay.

- We see a vignette for the other contestant in tonight's Gut Check, Brian Cage.

Gut Check: Brian Cage vs. Jay Bradley

They lock up and it's pretty even. Bradley gets a quick 1 and they grapple on the mat. They trade shots on their feet. Bradley hits a big boot the grill of Cage and unloads elbows on him. Bradley slams Cage and drops a big knee across his gut. Cage hits a dropkick to avoid a lariat off the ropes. Cage brings Bradley in off the apron with a suplex. Cage drops a nice elbow off the top for 2. Bradley ducks a clothesline with a lariat to take Cage's head off for the win.

Winner by pin: Jay Bradley

- We go to the Aces & 8's lair where Mr. Anderson silences the party and says something has to be done about that cyborg, Angle. They agree with him and dismiss the girls and take their seats at the table. They say the first order of business is the freshly unmasked member. Knox tries to explain but VP doesn't want to hear it. They tell him to make it right, tonight in his match.

- Joseph Park is on his way to meet with Hogan as we go to commercial.

- Joseph Park is in the ring and he says he's back from wrestling camp and he thought passing the Bar was difficult. He invites Hulk Hogan to the ring. Hogan gets in the ring and says he's proud of Park on his brief stint at wrestling school but wants him to cut to the chase. Park begs Hogan to allow him to wrestle for TNA. Hogan says he needs a few more years of training. Park tells Hogan to listen to the fans. Hogan gives-in and lets him have whatever match he wants against Aces & 8's. Park embraces Hogan and says he won't let him down and excitedly exits the ring.

Brooke Hogan interrupts Hogan's music from the big screen and tells her dad that she has been trying to contact him and for him not to move as she is on her way to the ring. We go to break.

- Brooke comes to the ring and asks Hogan if he's going to reinstate Mark as we get a "Bully" chant. Hogan says, "No," and storms out of the ring. Brooke wipes tears in the ring.

- Austin Aries and Bobby Roode compare ring attire in the back and try to one-up each other. They argue like brothers do.

- We go to a video package for and narrated by Aries and also Jeff Hardy.

- Bobby Roode comes to the ring followed by Austin Aries. James Storm makes his entrance followed by Jeff Hardy.

James Storm & Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries & Bobby Roode

Roode starts off with Hardy. Roode hits a shoulderblock off the ropes as Mike Tenay plays up Hardy. The quick pace continues as Hardy hits his own shoulderblock and slows things down. Roode tags Aries in and they lock up. Aries takes Hardy down but Hardy backs him into the corner and takes him down with a head-scissors. Roode comes in illegally and Hardy tags Storm for some double teaming. They also double team the legal man, Aries. Roode scolds Aries at ringside and they have a shoving match.

Back to action as Roode and Aries have taken over on Hardy and are working together. Aries fakes the sound of a tag and comes in behind the ref's back. Roode comes back in as they keep the pressure on Hardy. Aries wants Roode to watch what he does as he drops a corkscrew in the corner for 2. Aries drags Hardy's body to Roode and tags him. They continue to make quick tags as they compete against each other at the expense of Hardy. Hardy finally makes the hot tag to Storm who turns it up against both opponents. Storm hits a neckbreaker to Roode; Aries goes to break the cover and Storm sees him and gets up causing Aries to drop the elbow on Roode instead. Daniels & Kazarian come to the ring and pull Storm out and they scuffle on the floor. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate in the ring on Roode but Aries clocks him from behind with the World Title as the bell rings.

Roode and Aries continue to decimate Hardy in the ring. Aries and Roode fight over the title belt and try to pose with it.

- Brooke Hogan talks to Bully on the phone in the back. She tells him it is not a good idea to him to come but he talks her into it and she says she'll see him.

- Joey Ryan cuts a promo in the back with Matt Morgan. They are attacked by Chavo and Hernandez and they have a mini-brawl.

- We go to a rundown of the Genesis card.

- A video is shown of Hardy explaining why he chose to defend his title against two men at the PPV. He says he feels what he is doing is right and he is willing to hurt himself and do whatever it takes.

- We go to the ring for Mr. Anderson's entrance. He comes to the ring and announces himself. Kurt Angle is out next.

Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

They circle each other and Anderson ducks out of the ring. Angle grabs a mic and asks when he turned into a b*tch. He tells Anderson to get his ugly ass in the ring. Earl Hebner tells Angle to watch his language under his breath. (Mike Knox) gets in the ring with a hammer and beats Angle from behind. Wes Briscoe, Garett Bischoff, and Samoa Joe run down as (Knox) escapes into the arms of his brothers. A stretcher is brought out and Angle is loaded on. Sting's music hits as Angle is being wheeled out and gets in the ring and challenges Knox one-on-one. Sting mentions him by name. Knox gets pumped up at ringside with his gang as we go to break.

- Knox slowly enters the ring with his hammer and Sting unloads on him with his bat. Hebner takes the weapons and the bell sounds.

Sting vs. Aces & 8's Knox

Knox comes back with shots to Sting and takes control. Sting rolls to the floor and Knox gives chase. Sting fights back and sends the big man into the steel steps three times. Sting delivers the Stinger Splash on the security rail and sends Knox back in. Sting hits a Splash to the back of the big man and hits a Scorpion Death Drop for the win.

Winner by pin: Sting

Sting grabs the hammer and hits Knox on his right hand. He goes to do it to the other one but Devon comes out with the rest of Aces & 8's and they have Brooke hostage. Devon tells Brooke to, "Shut up b*tch." Devon says this is their year and they will reign supreme. Bully Ray runs down with his chain and fights them off and rescues Brooke. Hogan comes on the stage with his arms crossed as we go to break.

- Hogan is now in the ring and says he guesses he's supposed to thank Bully for causing all this carnage. He says he doesn't believe him and he's not the man for his daughter. Bully tries to get Sting to talk some sense into Hogan but Hogan tells Sting this is between him and Bully. Bully tells Hogan he's crazy. Bully says all he's ever cared about is wrestling and it means everything to him. He never thought he would find something he loved more than pro-wrestling. He grabs Brooke's arm and says until Brooke came into his life. Bully says he doesn't know what to say and Hogan throws down his mic.

Bully says this has happened really quickly and begins to get choked up telling Brooke how he feels for her. Bully gets down on one knee as Hogan looks on in disbelief. Bully puts a ring on Brooke's finger and says he loves her and he wants her to marry him. Brooke shakes her head "Yes" and they kiss. Bully says he wants to do it next week. Hogan leaves in disgust as Brooke and Bully embrace and kiss in the ring. Hogan is seething on his way up the ramp. Bully glares at the camera as he holds Brooke in an ever-so-subtle heel-ish way as we go off the air.

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