ROH Recap: 6 Man Tag Grudge Match, Finals Of The Top Prospect Tournament, More

A promo video is then shown where reDRagon and Roderick Strong talk about how many times they have beat their opponents, and how it will be easy to do so again tonight.

reDRagon and Roderick Strong vs. The American Wolves and Michael Elgin- 6-Man Tag Team Grudge Match

The bell rings and all the wrestlers start brawling. The fight heads to the outside. Back from commercial and Elgin hits a body avalanche on the opposing team in the corner. The Wolves whip Fish into Elgin, and he hits him with a hip toss. The Wolves hit Strong and O'Reilly from the apron as Elgin hits a very delayed vertical Suplex on Fish. Richards comes in and gets whipped off the ropes. O'Reilly knees him in the back from the apron and Fish takes control.

O'Reilly briefly comes in and keeps up the attack. Strong comes in and kicks Richards in the gut. The two wrestlers exchange strikes, and Strong hits Richards with a dropkick. Fish comes in. He tries to keep the offense going, but Richards fights back. Eventually Fish clubs him down and O'Reilly comes in. He punches Richards multiple times and lands a leg sweep. Strong comes in and hits Richards with a delayed vertical. The heels keep up the offense, dominating Richards. Eventually O'Reilly hits Richards with a nasty looking dragon screw.

Back from commercial and Richards fights back long enough to tag in Edwards. He hits Fish with multiple chops, followed by a boot. He knocks O'Reilly off the apron with a Yakuza kick, and then hits Fish with a Shining Wizard for a near pin fall. Fish comes back with a falcon arrow, and Strong comes in. He charges Edwards, and the two exchange several reversals. They then exchange chops, and Richards comes back in as the Wolves hit strong with an Alarm Clock kick. Richards goes to keep up the attack on Strong, but O'Reilly hits him from behind.

The Wolves then kick reDRagon to the outside, and Elgin comes in. He unloads a series of punches on Strong, and hits him with several clotheslines. Elgin then lands a side slam, and goes for a powerbomb but O'Reilly jumps onto his back. Elgin then German suplexes Fish while simultaneously slamming O'Reilly to the mat. Elgin hits Strong with a Hellevator. reDRagon sends the Wolves to the outside, and the heels team up on Elgin. Eventually, the Wolves come back in for the save and exchange several kicks with reDRagon. Eventually Richards locks Fish in the ankle lock, but Strong breaks it up and hits Death by Roderick.

Strong then goes after Elgin, and charges him. Elgin reverses and tries to attack, but Strong grabs the ropes. Elgin charges Strong, but Strong reverses with a knee followed by an enziguri. Elgin comes back quickly with several forearms, but Strong fights back and hits the End of Heartache for the win.

Winners: reDRagon and Roderick Strong

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