With the next to last episode of Impact Wrestling before the Lockdown pay-per-view now in the archives, overall it was a solid show. Leading to the second largest PPV of the year, TNA did well with bringing more light to feuds, as well as create suspense for the upcoming show.

Velvet Sky is the right choice to be TNA Knockouts Champion. It was a good decision to revive Tara's career by turning her heel and making her champ, but the alliance with Jesse has become a bit stale. Velvet Sky over the past few years has been consistently over with the fans, and her wrestling skills have vastly improved.

Although TNA should make a better effort in resurrecting their Knockouts' division, seeing how it was one advantage they had over WWE, last week's title change was a step in the right direction.

Finally, Kenny King can be happy about deciding to quit Ring of Honor in hopes to find advancement in TNA. When he first appeared during the road to Destination X, he instantly became over with the fans. Unfortunately, shortly after the PPV, his television time experienced a decline, and it seemed like he may have regreted his decision. Now, things have taken a turn for the better, and he is now X Division champ.

Will he be champion until a Destination X-style event (if they decide to keep last year's concept on an episode of Impact, seeing how there are only four PPVs now) where he can cash it in for a TNA World Heavyweight Championship opportunity? Doubtful. However, at least he can currently call himself a champion, and continue a good program with RVD.

The Gut Check Challenge was one of the best matches of its kind since the inception of the idea. The cadence of this match was better than some of the matches we see every week with stars on the main roster, and both of them should get a TNA contract.

Many of us are familiar with the work of Ivelisse Vélez from Tough Enough and NXT. She's good, and you can tell that she really wanted to continue to prove herself to the wrestling world. I will say, though, that Lei'D Tapa was quite impressive. Her intimidating size, domineering characteristics, and popular pedigree are all ingredients to make her a star in any promotion. Imagine... if Lei'D Tapa does not get a TNA contract, her and Tamina Snuka as a team in the WWE would run roughshod over every Diva in sight. Wishful thinking, I suppose.

Now, more than ever, is Bully Ray's time. He deserves to be a main-eventer. Moreover, he deserves to be TNA World Heavyweight Champion. In the past couple of years, he has made one of the best transitions in wrestling history from tag team to singles competition.

The tag team main event was well-polished. Each member of the match held their own, and the finish was acceptable. Bad Influence can make anyone look good, and they did not fail us once again.

At last, we get to see who is underneath the mask of the V.P. of Aces and Eight's. Kurt Angle unmasking the ringleader provided a good cliffhanger in finally revealing the identities of every member that we see on television. Although the Aces and Eight's angle has nearly been stretched to its fullest capacity, finding out who the V.P. is does still give a bit of intrigue for the rebellious group.

Let the predictions continue to fly. Personally, it seemed to be one of two people. The first is D'lo Brown. From the build and the mannerisms over the course of the past year, combined with the subtle moment of substituting for Al Snow to get Wes Brisco a contract, it would make sense for it to come full circle. Secondly, from the fighting style we saw on Impact, it may be Abyss. His Joseph Park gimmick may have just been a facade to get on the good side of Hulk Hogan, just to proverbially stab him in his back. Regardless of the outcome, it should set us up for some good programming in the upcoming weeks.

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