Sting recently sat down with Brandon Baxter's radio show to discuss Impact wrestling, his start in Memphis and his career in general. Here are some highlights from the interview.

What made him choose to stick with TNA: "Well, it's the same answer every time, and that is the brand, just loved the brand. It reminded me of the old school WCW days, and then actually launching Monday Nitro and becoming the talk of the town and the talk of the whole wide world. I saw all the same kind of potential here with this group of guys, and everyone behind the scenes as well. So, I just thought it was a good fit. It was a now or never kind of thing."

What keeps him going: "The crowd. The crowd is always the ticket, always the key there. I just think that, I've always kind of had a relationship with the crowd for all these years. Man, any wrestler who denies that is lying to you. The crowd matters. It's also the guys. The group of people that we have, trying to accomplish something and get the name and brand out there.

His face paint: "That happened, originally, I tagged with a guy named Jim Hellwig who later became the Ultimate Warrior. We started off with jerry Jarrett in Tennessee, but we were looking to make for ourselves obviously and we knew about the Road Warriors, and thought well hey. We're a couple of body builder kind of guys, maybe if we paint our face we can get enough attention, maybe get a match with the Road Warriors. That's where it all started."

Ric Flair putting him on the map: "It was March of 1988. That match right there put me on the map, and I give Ric Flair all the kudos that I could possibly muster. There's no question [that Flair was his favorite opponent]. Even a year and a half ago here, two years ago, whatever it was the little thing I had here in the ring with him. It was fun."

His thoughts on Kurt Angle: "I can say that Kurt Angle pushed me to my limit. He is, without a doubt, the best all around wrestler in the world. There isn't anything that he cannot do. He is a machine."

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