WWE RAW Review: Undertaker & CM Punk Spot On, Solid Main Event, The Rock Missing Again

Lastly, we have the ever popular Contract Signing to close the show. As much as Heyman carried Triple H through this segment, it carried on entirely too long and the attack on Paul E. was just awkward. A No Holds Barred match could be a good way to mask their age and ring rust, but this will most likely turn into a sloppy, botch-filled bout that won't impress. I stand firm in my belief that HHH should not be wrestling anymore, and with this added stipulation, that could be the case after Mania.

Quick Hits:

-A squash match on RAW is fine. Two in a row to open the show is torture.

-Glad to see Big Show get injected into the 6-Man Tag Match at WM29. He is getting older and needs one more Mania moment. Plus, it stacks the deck against The Shield even higher.

-As much as I wanted to see Fandango wrestle last night, what happened was even better. On a live RAW, he got massive heat after walking out of the ring. Plus, no one wants to see any Superstar wrestle Khali.

-Was the crowd is chanting "U-S-A" FOR Del Rio and AGAINST Jack Swagger? I was confusedů

-I guess Kaitlyn and Cody Rhodes got TV time together over the past month for nothing?

-It was a shame to see Brad Maddox get relegated to WWE Active last night.

-I find it weird that Antonio Cesaro was not even featured. With Miz in the hunt for the IC Title now, will the US Champ even have a match at WrestleMania?

-Great to see Booker T getting put into the WWE Hall of Fame. That will be one heck of an induction speech. This is by far the best class to date.

-The Rock missing from RAW again left a huge gap in the Mania build.

As a whole, last night's RAW could have been better. The majority of the first hour was dead space, although the show did pick up as it went along. This just didn't feel like a Pre-Wrestlemania RAW to me. Maybe it was the crowd, or the lack of quality in some of the matches, but I think it was below the standards WWE has set in the episodes we have seen over the past two months.

That's all for me ladies and gentleman, thanks so much for reading. Please let me know what you think about last night's RAW!

Tweet me your questions and comments at @MikeSouzaJT. Have a great week!

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