DDP Talks DDP YOGA, Recovery And Progress For Jake Roberts, Scott Hall, More

On the progress of donations for Scott Hall: "It really helps show the boys. Especially Scott and Jake. To me, they were two of the greatest wrestlers and characters and promos. I mean they had it all. To me, both of those guys, nobody did it better. There are people who have done it as good as them. Shawn Michaels is his own animal. But after that, those guys could have both been 5 time World Champions. But they had a little problem with alcohol, drugs, pills, etc. Towards the end of their career, they didn't really want to be around. And I'm not saying DDP Yoga saved their life by any stretch of the imagination, I just think both of them ran out of hope. And go back to looking at Arthur Bohrman's life and what he went through and when we finally re-tuned that video up and just changed the certain thing and put a song in here so that it really grabbed at you emotionally. I gave him hope. One guy gave him hope, and he gave millions hope. He's the one who gave Jake and Scott, they're like "Wow! That's amazing!". I gotta say Jake because Scott hadn't even seen it. He saw the before and after. It's not even an after, it's a during picture because he's not at the end of it yet. But Scott Hall was in his hospital room and one of his fans had com in.

"He was helping out at the hospital and he showed them that before, and I'm going to call it a during picture, of Jake's recovery and he was blown away. So, again someone gives someone hope and then they give millions hope. So when you ask me did I really think this thing was going to blow up? Yea I did. But I didn't think it was going to happen now. I thought it was going to happen a couple of years ago. And then it didn't and then I realized there's so many times we want to quit. We hit a wall, we fall down, and all's it take is getting back up again and moving forward. But if you quit, you fail. But as long as you're still trying to at least get some part of that goal you never fail. You just keep working. And you just gotta keep going. I can't tell you how many times I've second guessed myself over this period and it's a lot. But there would always be someone who would send me that email. Or I'd get some kind of text saying "I can't tell you how much you've changed my life". There are so many things people have said to me over the years from I wanted to die, like Jake. Jake, to me, out of all the people I've helped so far that's the most personal to me because Jake Roberts helped me find my way into professional wrestling when everyone laughed at me and said you'll never be anything, you're too old, it won't happen. And they were wrong. But he taught me a lot along the way like how to make people care when it came to the ring. And now it's just reversed and now I'm helping him do something and now he's so motivated about helping people. And that's the really cool part of the story. And Scotty, he's over 60 days alcohol free, pill free, everythingIt's all because of Chris Jericho. And he can't wait to start working out. April 9 is his hip surgery. So, it's going to be really cool to watch him physically continue to change and get stronger and come back and be The Bad Guy. I think it's going to be really cool that this journey continues."

On whether helping people is his new calling in life: "I think it's been that for a while now. I swear to God, I said this about 7 years ago. You look at 1996. 1997 I was involved in the feud of the year, according to Pro Wrestling Illustrated, with the Macho Man. I was ranked the #4 wrestler in the world 1997-1998. I hit heights of professional wrestling when it was at its highest. And I said that it's funny because I honestly believe when this thing blows up it's going to overshadow everything that happened in the 90's for me. And that's a bold statement because that was crazy hot. It was like I was living the dream at a different level. Just getting there on TV and being a part of the show. And being a part of it was living the dream. Making money and living my dream was the dream. I always tell people the American Dream is finding something you love to do and figure out a way to get people to pay you to do it. I did it in my younger days when I was running night clubs. By the time I was 21 I was running night clubs. It was so much fun I can't even explain it to you. And I left that at 35 to follow my dreams of being in professional wrestling. I started at 31 part time, but I left to go full time to take a shot at getting in WCW as a manager. I managed The Freebirds and Scott Hall. Now this goes back with me and Scott Hall. We have always helped each other when the other needed it. He needed a new look from A to Z. From the toothpick to the black hair to the brush cut beard.

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