WWE RAW Results - Final RAW Before WrestleMania 29, Shawn Michaels Returns, More

- Jack Swagger is backstage giving Zeb Colter a pep talk. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and they plug Vince McMahon's Twitter. Still to come, Undertaker will eviscerate CM Punk.

- Matt Striker is backstage with Punk and the urn. Striker asks if Punk feels he's disrespecting Paul Bearer's memory. Punk says the better question is does he give a damn. Punk says he's going to do something nobody else has been able to do at WrestleMania. Punk says Taker is more worried about Paul Bearer's streak of waking up every morning and that's now over. Punk goes on and says he will do whatever he has to do to end The Streak. Punk promises that every time someone thinks about WrestleMania, they're going to think about CM Punk. Punk kisses the urn.

Zeb Colter vs. Alberto Del Rio

We go to the ring and out comes Zeb Colter with Jack Swagger. Zeb warms up and gets ready to fight as we go to commercial.

Back from the commercial and here comes Ricardo Rodriguez on crutches. He introduces the World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. Ricardo comes back down to ringside after Del Rio told him not to earlier. The bell rings and here we go. Del Rio taunts Zeb. Zeb swings and doesn't come close. Swagger stalks Ricardo at ringside. Zeb grabs Ricardo's crutch and threatens Del Rio with it. Swagger drops Ricardo on the floor. Del Rio kicks Swagger through the ropes. Del Rio comes back in and Zeb attacks him with the crutch for the DQ.

Winner by DQ: Alberto Del Rio

- After the bell, Del Rio grabs the crutch and takes it from Zeb. Swagger attacks from behind and takes Del Rio's knee out. Swagger beats Del Rio with the crutch. Zeb also gets some shots in as they take turns. Swagger yells at Del Rio while Zeb continues with the crutch shots. Officials check on Del Rio as he tries to get up and we see the marks on his back. We go to replays.

- We see a clip again from John Cena's promo at the beginning of RAW. Still to come, WWE Champion The Rock will be here. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and out comes WWE Champion The Rock to a big pop.

Rock finally gets a chance to speak and talks about his connection with the fans. He says it's the only reason why he's standing here now. Rock says Sunday isn't about redemption, it's about the will of The People. Rock says he's going to curb stomp John Cena's ass all over WrestleMania. The fans chant Rocky some more. Rock says the will of The People is bigger than Cena can imagine. Rock tells a story about him being President of the United States. Rock talks about hitting the Rock Bottom last week and Cena's time isn't now, it's never. Rock says it isn't about redemption and damn sure isn't about passing the torch.

Rock says Cena isn't just facing The Rock on Sunday, he's facing the millions and millions and millions. Rock says he lives for that connection with the fans. Rock says Cena can't deny the will of The People and he can't beat The Rock.
The fans chant Rocky some more. Rock ends the promo and poses for the fans as his music plays.

- Chris Jericho is backstage walking. We go to commercial.

Chris Jericho vs. Antonio Cesaro

Back from the break and out comes Chris Jericho. WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro waits in the ring. Lots of back and forth in the first part of the match. Cesaro drops Jericho with a chop and keeps him on the mat with a submission. Jericho fights out. More back and forth. Cesaro goes to the top but gets tripped by Jericho. Jericho climbs up and hits a bunch of right hands and a hurricanrana to the mat. 2 count for Jericho. Fandango's music hits and out comes his dancer first. Jericho watches them as we go back to commercial.

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