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Supercard of Honor opens up with a recap of SCUM's actions at 11th Anniversary. Then, Nigel McGuinness' promo from TV where he says he is declaring a war on SCUM is shown, with all the honor wrestlers surrounding the ring. The video is done like a back and forth between Corino and McGuinness.

Jay Briscoe is then shown saying he will defend honor with one arm if he has to, and he says that the only way Steen is leaving the PPV tonight with the belt is if he kills him.

QT Marshall and RD Evans come out to the ring. Evans grabs a mic and says that he can see everyone is excited. He says it is a huge weekend for wrestling. He says that the one question that has predominated them all is who will be Marshall's tag partner.

Evans said he scoured the globe. He says people reached out to him. He said he was in Japan, and asked if the crowd has heard of Tanahashi. The crowd chants we want wrestling, and Evans says me too. He says Japan wasn't fruitful, so he went back to Texas.

He says Lacey Von Erich asked to be his partner, but he said no. Then, he says Emilio Estevez wanted to be his partner as well, but he refused. He then says that he will be his partner. The crowd chants yes yes yes!

ACH and Tadarius Thomas vs. QT Marshall and RD Evans

They all adhere to the code of honor. Thomas and Evans start things off. Evans tries to shake Thomas' hand, and locks in a side headlock. They go back and forth, and Evans grabs his knee in faux pain and tags in QT. QT and Thomas tie up, and Thomas locks in a wrist lock. ACH comes in, and hits a springboard forearm. He punches QT several times, and then lands a hurricanrana. He chops QT in the corner, and Thomas comes in.

Thomas chops QT, and QT kicks Thomas. Evans tags himself in. They try and double team Thomas, but he grabs QT's foot and hits Evans with it. He sends Evans from the ring and locks in a side headlock on QT. QT breaks out and hits Thomas with a lariat. He stands on Thomas's head. Evans comes in and punches Thomas in the gut. He lands a knee to the gut, and then headbutts Thomas in the gut.

QT comes back in and hits a backbreaker and then Evans hits a rolling neckbreaker. ACH breaks up the pin attempt. QT hits Thomas with a standing dropkick for a near pin fall. Evans comes back in and grabs Thomas around the waist. Thomas elbows and then lands an enziguri. ACH comes in and lands a tiger mask, and then an enziguri to QT. He then locks in the tree of woe on both Evans and QT. He goes up top and hits Evans with a crossbody.

He locks a cloverleaf in on Evans and spins him around. QT breaks it up. ACH tosses Evans to the floor, and then clotheslines QT to the outside, followed by a dive. Back in the ring, Evans takes out Thomas, and then tries to dive at ACH but ACH moves and Evans takes out QT. Thomas then does a handspring dive over the ropes and takes out Evans and QT.

Thomas and ACH send QT into the ring and try to hit the double team but QT fights it off and sends Thomas from the ring. Evans comes in and hits ACH with an inverted clash. QT picks ACH up in God's Gift position and Evans goes up top. Thomas breaks it up, and Thomas and ACH hit QT with a series of kicks and kicks, culminating in ACH hitting the big bang attack on QT for the win.

Winners: Tadarius Thomas and ACH

After the match, Evans gets upset with QT as the crowd chants hug it out.

Then, the commentary team talk about the Benjamin/Haas match being canceled due to Haas' sudden retirement as Shelton Benjamin comes out.

Benjamin says that Charlie Haas isn't there tonight. He says he doesn't know why Haas isn't there. He says he doesn't have a match on the biggest weekend in pro wrestling. Benjamin points at Cheeseburger and tells him to get in the ring, which he does. The crowd chants we want wrestling.

Benjamin tells him not to be scared. He says he hears Cheeseburger wants to be a wrestler, and that he saw him get his ass whipped by Charlie Haas. He says Cheeseburger earned his respect by standing up to Haas, and that everyone should give him a hand. He says Haas didn't show up because he heard Cheeseburger was going to be there.

Then, Mike Bennett, Maria and Brutal Bob come out to the ring. Bennett says the fans are predictable and pathetic, and tells them to shut up. He says Benjamin had a good point when he said it was the biggest weekend in wrestling. Bennett says he isn't on the card either. He says he is the hottest free agent in all of pro wrestling, and all of entertainment. He says he has wrestling companies, reality shows and record labels wanting to sign him.

Bennett says he is the greatest thing ever. He says he is the greatest, yet he has to sit there and listen to Benjamin and Cheeseburger. He says everyone is wondering what company he is going to. Cheeseburger snatches the mic out of his hand as the crowd chants Cheeseburger.

Cheeseburger says that Bennett and his father and his gutter s*** need to leave, and Bennett punches him. Cheeseburger falls to the mat and an employee drags him out of the ring. Benjamin says he found his match and hits Bob with a Samoan Drop.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Mike Bennett (with Maria and Brutal Bob)

Benjamin beats Bennett around the ring, slamming him into the barrier multiple times. They head into the ring, and Benjamin hits a body drop. Bennett whips Benjamin into the corner and charges him, and Benjamin moves. He hits Bennett in the back, and then stomps him in the thigh.

They exchange elbows to the head, and Bennett hits a Spinebuster. He kicks Benjamin in the face, and then whips him. He lands an elbow to Benjamin's face for a near pin fall, followed by a head lock. Benjamin fights to his feet and lands a back breaker. They exchange punches to the face as they both get to their feet. Benjamin gets a diving forearm, followed by an inverted atomic drop. He hits Bennett with a t bone Suplex for a near pin fall.

Bennett comes back quickly with the Box Office Smash for a near pin fall. He then hits Benjamin with a flying knee to the jaw. Bennett mocks CM Punk and tries to hit the GTS, but Benjamin reverses into a single leg Boston Crab. Maria gets on the apron and distracts the ref. Brutal Bob hits Benjamin with a shoulder knockdown. Bennett goes up top and lands a guillotine leg drop.

He rubs Maria, and then heads to Benjamin who kicks him in the head. Benjamin goes behind Maria, who thinks its Bennett, and starts rubbing up against him. Benjamin gropes her, and when she sees his hands she freaks out. Bennett tries to Superkick Benjamin, who moves, and hits Maria, who falls off the apron. Benjamin Superkicks Bennett for a near pin fall. He then hits Brutal Bob and lands a belly to back Suplex. He charges Bennett, who backdrops him to the apron. Bennett lands a sunset flip and pins Benjamin. Brutal Bob grabs Bennett's hands and Benjamin is unable to kick out.

Winner: Mike Bennett

After the match, Benjamin waves to the crowd in the ring and thanks them. A recap of the build up to the number one contender's match between Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin is shown.

Michael Elgin vs. Jay Lethal- Number One Contender's Match

They tie up and Elgin backs Lethal into the corner. They break up and tie up again. Elgin whips Lethal, who runs into Elgin and stops. They tie up again and go back and forth. Lethal tries to kick Elgin, who catches his leg. They exchange multiple pin attempts, and then stop, staring at each other. The crowd chants this is wrestling. They tie up again, and Lethal locks in a side headlock. Elgin pushes him to corner, and charges him. Lethal dodges and they exchange several moves back and forth.

They exchange strikes back and forth. Lethal goes for a hurricanrana, but Elgin catches him and tries to lock in a Boston crab. Lethal gets out and kicks Elgin. Lethal whips Elgin and lands an arm drag take down, followed by a cart wheel dropkick. Lethal locks in a headlock. Elgin fights to his feet. Lethal tries to whip him, but Elgin whips him and then tosses him to the apron. Lethal tries for a sunset flip, but Elgin reverses into a powerslam. Elgin picks Lethal up and hits a 30 second delayed vertical Suplex for a near pin fall.

Elgin goes for the buckle bomb, but Lethal reverses and Elgin locks in a crossface. Lethal fights to the ropes. They go to the apron and Lethal hits an enziguri, knocking Elgin to the outside. Lethal hits three suicide dives. He rolls Elgin back into the ring and hits a top rope dropkick. Lethal lands a death valley driver and then goes up top. Elgin punches him and tries for a superplex, but Lethal hits him off. Elgin hits a dropkick to Lethal and knocks him to the apron.

Elgin goes up top and pulls Lethal into a vertical Suplex from the apron for a near pin fall. They go to their feet and stare at each other. They exchange strikes, and Elgin comes out on top. He whips Lethal into the corner and hits a black hole slam for a near pin fall. He tries for the buckle bomb, but Lethal fights out. Elgin hits a German Suplex into the top turnbuckle, and then goes up top. He tries the corkscrew senton, but Lethal puts his knees up. Lethal keeps the attack up, and then locks in a Koji clutch.

Elgin gets to the ropes and Lethal breaks the hold. He tries the Lethal Injection, but Elgin reverses. They exchange a series of reverses and pin attempts. Elgin hits a big knife Edge chop. They exchange kicks, and Elgin hits a big lariat. Elgin hits a buckle bomb, and goes for the Elgin Bomb, but Lethal reverses and tries for the Lethal Injection, but Elgin moves. Lethal hits the Lethal Injection, followed by the Hail to the King for a near pin fall.

They go up top and Elgin hits a super Elgin Bomb, followed by a buckle bomb, followed by another Elgin Bomb for the win.

Winner and Number One Contender: Michael Elgin

After the match, Elgin tries to help Lethal up, but Lethal tries to get up on his own. SCUM swarms the ring and beat the two down. Corino grabs the mic and said their five star match was for nothing. He says they will be remembered for the guys that SCUM just killed. Corino says it's time for honor to pay for their sins.

SCUM vs. Coleman and Alexander, Mike Mondo, Mark Briscoe and BJ Whitmer

Everyone brawls around the ring. SCUM seems to have the upper hand. Mondo and Rave head into the ring and Rave kicks Mondo in the gut. He locks in a headlock, and then chops him. Rhino comes in and headbutts Mondo in the corner. He whips Mondo into another corner and then hits a spear. Titus comes in and kicks Mondo in the gut. He rubs Mondo's head into the mat. Jacobs comes in and he and Rave double team Mondo with strikes.

Jacobs knees Mondo in the head multiple times. He tries for a Suplex, but Mondo stops it. Titus comes in and kicks Mondo in the head. Compton comes in and punches Mondo in the gut. Mondo tries to fight back, but Compton hits a clothesline. Rave comes in and chops Mondo, and then spits on him. Mondo fights back and tags in Whitmer. He cleans house, and then Coleman and Alexander hit a double dive on Titus and Compton. Mark Briscoe hits a double dropkick on Rhino and Jacobs, and then takes SCUM (minus Rave) out with a dive.

Rave hits Whitmer with an Exploder Suplex, and then Titus comes in. He attacks Whitmer, and then Alexander comes in. He tries to keep the attack up, but Jacobs comes in and hits him with a pedigree. Mondo comes in and Rhino hits him with a clothesline. Briscoe comes in and dropkicks Rhino. Rave comes in and attacks Briscoe. Whitmer comes back in and punches Rave, and then tosses him from the ring. He dives on Rave.

Corino then attacks Caleb Seltzer on commentary with a series of slaps. Corino gets into the ring and Whitmer stares at him. Rhino and Jacobs hold his arms, and Titus dropkicks him. Then Titus handcuffs Whitmer to the bottom rope. Mondo comes back in and Compton hits him with the powder. Rhino tosses him out of the ring, and then keeps the attack up.

Coleman (I believe) and Jacobs are in the ring, and Coleman tosses Jacobs from the ring. Rave comes in and spikes Rave's head into the mat. Rhino comes back in and lands a gore for the win.

Winners: SCUM

Corino then takes the mic up and says the Hardy will become the new TV champion and Steen will remain the ROH champion. Then, a very long video (as the intermission) recapping various matches throughout Jay Briscoe's career in ROH is shown.

Following that, Kevin Steen and Jay Briscoe's in ring encounter from ROH TV last week is shown. Then, a video is shown from after Steen's victory against Mark Briscoe and he promises to beat Jay tonight, along with any of his other challengers. Nigel McGuinness comes down to commentary for the second half of the PPV, replacing Caleb Seltzer.

Karl Anderson vs. Roderick Strong

As Karl Anderson is posing before the match he just barely misses getting hit in the head with a streamer.

They adhere to the code of honor. They tie up and Anderson locks in a side headlock, followed by a shoulder knockdown. They tie up again and go back and forth with wrist locks. Anderson knocks Strong down with an elbow, followed by a hip toss. Strong fights out, they go back and forth and Strong hits a dropkick. He kicks the back of Anderson's head, and then chops him in the corner. He punches Anderson in the gut several times, followed by some more chops. He whips Anderson into the corner, and charges, but runs into Anderson's boot. Anderson kicks Strong's leg out, and then kicks him in the corner.

He goes to work on Strong's leg for a few minutes. He dropkicks Strong's leg in the corner, and then slams him in the corner. Anderson elbows the back of Strong's head, and then tries for an ace crusher, but Strong reverses and drapes Strong over the barrier. He sends Anderson back into the ring and then lands a backbreaker. Strong keeps the attack up, and sets Anderson up in the corner. Strong hits a flying elbow, and then an Olympic slam for a near pin fall.

They exchange chops in the center of the ring, and Anderson lands a Spinebuster. Anderson picks Strong up on his shoulders, and Strong wiggles out and kicks Anderson in the head. He goes for the Strong Hold, but Anderson kicks Strong in the head several times. They go to the apron and exchange strikes. Anderson hits Strong with a big bicycle kick.

Anderson goes up top and hits a ace crusher for a near pin fall. Anderson then hits a powerbomb for another near pin fall. Strong comes back quick with a sick kick and hits a double knee gutbuster, followed by another sick kick for a near pin fall. They exchange strikes, and Anderson gets a near pin fall. Strong hits Anderson with multiple strikes, and then hits an ace crusher for the win.

Winner: Karl Anderson

After the match they hug in the ring.

Following the match, a recap of the events leading to the triple threat for the TV title is shown.

Matt Taven (c) with Truth Martini vs. Adam Cole vs. Matt Hardy- Triple Threat Elimination For The TV Title

Matt Taven comes out with his belt in his pants like John Morrison. Corino takes up the mic before the match to introduce Matt Hardy. He says Hardy changed wrestling, sports entertainment and life in general. The crowd chants f*** you Hardy and flips him off. Corino tells him not to worry about the crowd, he has over 800,000 Twitter followers. Corino says Hardy slept with so many divas it made CM Punk jealous (they are talking about CM Punk A LOT tonight).

Cole attacks Hardy and they roll around, punching each other. Cole kicks Hardy out of the ring, and Taven attacks Cole. Cole dives to the outside and takes out Hardy. Taven tried to dive to take out Cole, but Cole kicks him in the head. Cole tosses Hardy into the barrier multiple times. He goes to the apron, and Taven kicks him off. Taven then dives and takes out Hardy and Cole. He kicks Hardy, and then tosses Cole into the ring for a one count.

Taven whips Cole into the corner as Martini introduces his Hoopla hottie to Nigel McGuinness and she starts giving him a lap dance. Kevin Kelly gets up from the table. Back in the ring, Hardy drops Cole onto the ropes as the camera goes back and forth between Nigel and the hottie and the match. Hardy goes to the second rope and hits a leg drop on Cole for a two count. He then kicks Cole in the gut, and then slams his head into the turnbuckle.

Hardy and Cole exchange strikes, and Cole hits an enziguri. He kicks Taven off the apron, and then kicks Hardy for a two count. Cole picks Hardy up on his shoulder and then lands a flipping back breaker thing. He then locks in a figure four on Hardy as Taven goes up top and hits Cole with a splash. Taven kicks Hardy, and then drives his boot into Cole's throat. Hardy has Taven in the Twist of Fate position, but Cole breaks it up.

Cole tries to Suplex Taven, but Taven reverses and Hardy attacks from behind. Hardy tries to pin Taven and Cole at the same time unsuccessfully. Cole Superkicks Hardy, and then attacks Taven. Cole then puts Hardy on the top rope and Hardy hits him until he is hanging down. Taven goes over top of Cole and hits Hardy with a Superplex. Cole gets out of the corner, and runs into a side effect by Hardy.

Hardy drives Cole into the corner and hits Taven with a Twist of Fate. Martini gets on the apron and distracts the ref. Cole kicks Hardy in the nuts and then eliminates him. Hardy tries to plea to Nigel to no avail. Corino gets into the ring and offers to shake Cole's hand, but Cole tries to punch him. Taven attacks from behind off the distraction and hits a modified DDT for the win.

Winner and still champion: Matt Taven

Following the match, the buildup to the match between reDRagon and the American Wolves is shown.

reDRagon (c) vs. The American Wolves- ROH World Tag Team Championship

Edwards and Kyle start things off. Edwards kicks Kyle. They tie up and Edwards hits an arm drag takedown. Fish comes in. They tie up and Edwards locks in a wrist lock. Fish trips Edwards and slaps the back of his head. They tie up again and Edwards comes out on top. Richards comes in and kicks Kyle. They double team Fish. Richards slams Fish into the turnbuckle, and Edwards comes in. They kick and chop Fish.

Fish backs Edwards to the corner, and Kyle comes in. He slams Edwards into the corner and kicks his chest. Edwards slams Kyle into his corner and Richards comes in. He stomps Kyle, and then locks in a cloverleaf. Kyle fights out and backs Richards into his corner. Fish comes in and lands a senton. He taunts Richards and then hits a snap Suplex. Kyle comes in and lands a pair of knees. He then locks in a body scissors on Richards.

Richards reverses into a submission of his own, and Fish breaks it up. Kyle drags him to his corner and Fish comes in. He kicks Richards in the chest tries to keeps the attack up. Richards fights out and hits a springboard enziguri. Edwards comes in and chops Fish in the corner. He whips Fish into the other corner. Edwards keeps the attack up and lands a fisherman buster. He goes off the ropes, and Kyle knees him in the back.

reDRagon tries to charge Edwards, and Edwards pulls the ropes down, sending them to the outside. The Wolves try a double dive, but reDRagon goes back into the ring. The Wolves hit a double hurricanrana, sending them out of the ring, followed by a double dive.

Fish and Edwards are in the ring. He keeps the attack up, but Fish reverses the attack and reDRagon end up hitting a dive/dropkick combo to the Wolves outside the ring. They send Edwards into the ring and double team him. Fish whips Edwards into the corner and hits a running knee to the gut. Kyle comes in and kicks Edwards in the chest. reDRagon tries to double team Edwards, but he fights them off with kicks.

Richards comes in and hits a missile dropkick to Kyle. He kicks Fish in the corner. Kyle charges, and Richards sidesteps him. He then kicks both men in the corner. He sends Kyle to another corner, and tries to keep the attack up. Kyle breaks it up and tries to get in offense, but Edwards makes the save. Kyle slaps both the Wolves, and ends up making Edwards dragon screw Richards.

Fish comes in to try and capitalize, but Richards locks an ankle lock on Kyle. Richards locks in another submission, and Fish tries to break it up. Richards grabs Fish in an ankle lock and has both Dragons locked in a submission at the same time. Kyle gets to the ropes, and reDRagon tries to capitalize. They all go back and forth with the offense, and all four men end up laid out on the mat. Fish holds Richards' arms, and Kyle slaps him. He tries to fight out, but Kyle spikes Richards' head to the mat for a near pin fall.

reDRagon tries to double team Richards (with Kyle on the top rope), but he sends Fish to the outside. He goes up top to attack Kyle, but Fish goes up to stop him. Edwards hurricanranas Fish into the ring, and Richards lands a superplex. The Wolves try for a Suplex/kick combo on Kyle, but he kicks out. The Wolves try several more big moves, but Kyle keeps kicking out. Kyle kicks out of a pin attempt, sending Richards to the ropes. Fish kicks him in the head from the outside and Kyle gets a roll up for the win.

Winners and still champions: reDRagon

Following the match, another recap of the build up to the Briscoe/Steen match tonight is shown.

Kevin Steen (c) vs. Jay Briscoe- ROH World Championship

They circle around each other. Briscoe tries to tie up, and Steen backs up. They tie up and break off. They tie up again and break off again. They tie up, and Briscoe locks in a side headlock. Steen backs him to the ropes, and Briscoe tries to bound off the ropes. Steen stops him and hits him with a shoulder. Briscoe lands a dropkick, and then whips Steen into the corner. Steen puts up an elbow. Briscoe charges him, and Steen back drops him to the outside.

They go back in the ring. Briscoe headbutts Steen, and then kicks him in the corner. He chokes Steen with his boot, and then lands several punches. He whips Steen, and then lands an elbow knockdown. He lands several strikes on Steen and whips him again, but Steen kicks him. Steen lands a DDT for a two count. Steen then punches Briscoe and backs him into the corner. He back elbows Briscoe. Briscoe comes back and keeps the attack up.

Briscoe elbows Steen in the corner multiple times. Steen picks him up on his shoulder, but Briscoe elbows his way out. He tries to lock in a waist lock, but Steen tosses him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. He then chokes Briscoe on the middle rope. He tosses Briscoe into the corner, and then wraps his arm around the middle rope. He drives his boot into Briscoe's throat.

Briscoe tries to fight back with a pair of punches, but Steen goes right back to the arm. He wraps Briscoe's arm around his back, and then lands a Russian leg sweep. Briscoe comes back with a pair of headbutts, but Steen knees his shoulder. He then locks in an arm bar and Briscoe gets to the ropes. Steen backs Briscoe into the corner and charges him, but Briscoe puts up a boot. He then goes up top and flips Steen to the mat. Jimmy Jacobs runs out to try to interfere, but Mark Briscoe stops him.

Jay and Steen exchange strikes in the ring, and Jay hits a death valley driver for a near pin fall. He goes up top but Steen pops up and stops him. He tries for a superplex, but Briscoe punches him to the apron. Steen drapes Briscoe's arm over the top rope from the apron, and then lands a cannonball senton for a near pin fall. They go to the apron and Steen trips Briscoe up. He powerbombs Briscoe onto the apron.

They go back into the ring, and Steen tries to flip onto Briscoe but Briscoe put his knees up. He hits a big move on Steen and tries to pin, but SCUM runs down to the ring. They get fought off again as members of ROH come down to the ring and surround it to stop SCUM.

Steen hits the F-Cinq for a near pin fall. He goes for the package piledriver, but Briscoe lands a Superkick. Steen comes back and lands a package pile driver for a near pin fall. SCUM comes down to the ring and ROH clears them out. Matt Hardy sneaks into the ring and tries to Twist of Fate Briscoe, but Steen kicks him in the gut and and tosses him out of the ring. Briscoe hits a piledriver for a near pin fall.

Briscoe stalks Steen and tries for another pile driver. Steen locks in a crossface, and Briscoe reverses into a pin attempt. Briscoe lands a big lariat and then another piledriver for the win.

Winner and new champion: Jay Briscoe

After the match, Steen shakes Jay Briscoe's hand and congratulates him.

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