That's what I'm saying with young talent, they've got to own their character when they've been given a character. Fandango is doing a great job. When you're given a character, you need to take it to the next level. 110%, you've got to be that character.

I'm a redneck and a cowboy. I put the paint on and I walk through that curtain, I become Goldust. You have to become that character until it's over. Then, you come back and you get back to whoever you were. But you have to own it, man, to make it a success. And really believe in it. That's what I did.

WrestlingINC: You mentioned the young guys today. Do you think that guys today just aren't putting enough into their character? Or do you think that promotions are just not patient enough with them?

Runnels: I see a lot of impatience and I see a lot of guys getting a little lazy at times. Not everybody, but you get frustrated a little bit at times when you're going to the writers and they're telling you, 'Yes, we're going to do this...' But, don't talk to the horse's ass, talk to the horse's head -- which is Vince McMahon, Stephanie or Triple H.

You talk to the boss about your ideas and things like that and all he can say is yes or no. I mean, you don't open your mouth, you don't give him your ideas, you're not really trying. Some of them are OK with being mid-card or opening the card. Or they're happy with their little things that they're doing -- and that's them. But, that's not going to get you a world title shot.

And if you've gotten into the business to be just mediocre and to kind of just open to show -- and opening the show is the most important match of the card. You've got to get that crowd right. But I'm talking about as far as back then. If you're just happy with that, that's not going to make you a success. You've got to step out and you've got to step above and beyond and keep giving those ideas. Keep trying new stuff.

Back then when I was doing it, there were veterans to learn from and now you don't have too many left. They're all young. Yes, they're very talented; you've got a great group of guys. Vince will not bring you up to WWE until you're ready. He's definitely not going to put a microphone in front of your mouth and put you on national TV until he knows that you can talk. Sometimes, I just think that guys get impatient because of storylines or they feel they're getting over-looked -- and maybe they are, maybe they're not. But, you've got to have some patience and the right attitude and that desire to succeed or you're not going to go anywhere.

WrestlingINC: You got over very quickly. You won the Intercontinental title shortly after debuting, and that title was a big deal back then. When you learned that you were going to be winning the title, what was your reaction?

Runnels: I really don't remember. I was really appreciative and thankful. Still, at that point, I was trying to learn that character and do my job and be respectful of others. Learn what I could and take what Vince was giving me and make something of it.

Of course, I was excited and it was cool. But, I had to focus on getting this character over and keeping it a certain way. It was awesome, too, though. It really was.

WrestlingINC: Do you remember the whole GTV thing? Everyone thought that was meant for you. Is that how you understood it?

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