NXT opens up with Dusty Rhodes talking about how this episode will be the Clash of the Champions, with every match being a championship match. (Note: NXT is pre-taped, so Antonio Cesaro was still U.S. Champion when this episode was filmed)

United States Championship
Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. Adrian Neville

Before Neville comes down to the ring, Cesaro picks up the mic and tells the crowd to shut up. He says he is the longest reigning champion in WWE right now and when he graces NXT with his presence, he wants the audience to stand up and give him a standing ovation. He says he is the greatest United States Champion in history.

They tie up and Neville goes for a quick roll up. Cesaro takes Neville to the mat and slaps his back. He backs off and Neville gets to his feet. Cesaro locks in a wristlock and Neville reverses into another roll up. Cesaro kicks Neville in the gut and then locks in a side headlock. Neville whips him off the ropes and Cesaro lands a shoulder knock down. He then locks a headlock back in. Neville whips Cesaro off the ropes again and tries to land an arm drag takedown, but Cesaro blocks it. Neville bounds off the ropes and lands a hurricanrana. Cesaro bails to the outside and Neville chases after.

Cesaro goes into the ring and tries to hit Neville with a shoulder to the gut when he gets up on the apron, but Neville flips over him and gets another quick rollup. Neville lands a dropkick that sends Cesaro into the corner. He tries for what looks like a monkey flip and Cesaro flapjacks his face onto the ring post. Back from commercial and Cesaro whips Neville. Neville tries for another quick rollup. Cesaro follows up with a double boot stomp, followed by a forearm to the head. He boots Neville in the head and then pulls his head back.

Neville tries to fight back but Cesaro lands a pair of knees to the gut. He then goes back to work on Neville's head. Neville tries to pin Cesaro again, but Cesaro whips him into the corner. He charges Neville, who puts a boot up. Neville go up top and tries to land a cross body, but Cesaro catches him and reverses the crossbody into a back breaker. Cesaro then punches Neville in the head multiple times on the mat. He locks in a sleeper on Neville and wrests him back and forth to the mat. Neville fights to his feet and Cesaro pushes him to the ropes.

Cesaro charges him and Neville pulls the ropes down, sending Cesaro to the outside. Neville goes to the apron and Cesaro charges him. Neville dodges and then kicks Cesaro in the head. Neville then hits a springboard moonsault and takes Cesaro out. Neville rolls Cesaro into the ring and hits a missile dropkick off the top rope. He hits a standing shooting star press for a near pin fall. Neville bounds off the ropes and Cesaro catches him in a powerbomb position, but Neville flips him into a roll up attempt. They get up and Cesaro lands a knee to the gut. He charges Neville in the corner, who jumps to the apron and kicks Cesaro.

Neville goes up top and tries to hit a moonsault, but Cesaro catches him in a powerslam position. Neville reverses into a spinning DDT for a near pin fall. Neville goes up top for the corkscrew shooting star press, but Cesaro hits a running European Uppercut. He then pulls Neville off the top rope in Neutralizer position and hits it for the win.

Winner and still champion: Antonio Cesaro

Divas Championship
Kaitlyn (c) vs. AJ Lee

They shake hands before the match and then AJ slaps Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn whips AJ into the corner and then lands an elbow to the face. She whips AJ into another corner and then another. Kaitlyn charges AJ, who moves. Kaitlyn crashes into the turnbuckle. AJ immediately goes to work on Kaitlyn's arm. She snapmares Kaitlyn and then locks in a Fujiwara armbar. She then locks in a back hammer. She flips over Kaitlyn into a bridge and then locks the back hammer back in.

AJ then lands an armbar takedown. Kaitlyn rolls to the corner and AJ chops her in the chest. Kaitlyn hits AJ in the gut and then lands several clotheslines and a back elbow. Kaitlyn then elbows AJ in the corner. She tries to keep the offense up, but AJ puts her boots up. She goes up top for a crossbody, but Kaitlyn reverses. Kaitlyn tries for the spear, but AJ pulls the ropes down and Kaitlyn crashes to the outside. Kaitlyn makes it back in before the ten count and AJ locks in a sleeper with a body scissors.

Kaitlyn fights out and AJ lands a sloppy enziguri for a near pin fall. AJ jumps on Kaitlyn and punches her multiple times. She tries to keep the attack up but Kaitlyn lands a spear out of nowhere for the win.

Winner and still champion: Kaitlyn

Then Chris Jericho is backstage with Tony Dawson. Jericho says that being around NXT is blowing him away because of how organized and professional it is. He says that next week he will be competing on NXT against whomever he wants to face. Bray Wyatt walks up and interrupts him. Wyatt says that he has noticed a change in Jericho. He says that he can make Jericho someone that people fear again if he joins the Wyatt Family. Jericho says don't ever, eeeeeeeever interrupt Y2J in an interview again. He says he has been watching Wyatt for a long time.

He says he is good, but not great. Jericho says he has chosen to face Wyatt next week and that he will see how good he really is. Jericho says if Wyatt can beat him he will go up in the food chain. He says he might even get a chance to go straight to RAW or Smackdown. Jericho says if Wyatt can beat him he will join the Wyatt Family. Jericho then says but when he beats Wyatt maybe he will learn a couple lessons. He then asks Wyatt if he has what it takes to be a legend or will he just be a loser.

NXT Championship
Big E. Langston (c) vs. Brad Maddox

Maddox offers his hand to Langston and Langston back drops him. Maddox gets up and pushes Langston. He tries to whip Langston, who reverses and hits his running body block. Langston then hits the Big Ending for the win.

Winner and still champion: Big E. Langston

After the match Langston hits the Big Ending again and holds Maddox down for the five count. The crowd chants for him to hit it again and Langston shakes his head. He then asks the ref if he can hit one more while he is trying to give Langston his title. The ref tries to send Langston from the ring as Maddox goes out to the floor. Langston gets out and sends him back in. He then hits the Big Ending again and holds Maddox down for another five count.

After the match a brief recount of the history between Barrett and Dallas is shown. Then Dallas is shown backstage. He says he knows Barrett underestimates him. He says Randy Savage, Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart were all underestimated and they were Intercontinental champs. He then says NXT is his house.

Intercontinental Championship
Wade Barrett (c) vs. Bo Dallas

Barrett shoves Dallas in the back into the corner. They tie up and Barrett backs Dallas into another corner. Dallas punches him in the ear. They circle around each other and Barrett kicks Dallas in the gut. Dallas bounces of the ropes and hits a crossbody. He then nails Barrett with multiple pin attempts. He hits Barrett with a standing dropkick, who bails to the outside. Barrett gets back inside and Dallas locks in a waist lock. Barrett backs into the corner and lands several back elbows to get out. He then drops an elbow on Dallas.

He kicks Dallas in the gut and then delivers a snap Suplex. He then locks Dallas in a headlock. Dallas fights to his feet and tries to attack Barrett, but Barrett kicks him in the stomach, followed by a boot to the face. He then whips Dallas. Dallas reverses a strike attempt into a pair of arm drag takedowns. He clotheslines Barrett to the outside as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Barrett hits Dallas with a series of strikes. He flips Dallas over and he lands on his head and neck. He then power whips Dallas into the corner and he falls to the outside. Barrett rolls Dallas back inside for a near pin fall. Barrett drives a knee into Dallas' back and pulls his arms back. Dallas gets out and delivers several strikes to Barrett. Barrett counters with a mule kick. He then chokes Dallas on the ropes. He knees Dallas in the head several times while he is still on the ropes and then big boots him to the outside.

Barrett pulls Dallas up to the apron and then suplexes him into the ring. He whips Dallas into the corner and charges him, but Dallas puts a boot up. Barrett charges him again, but Dallas drop toe holds him into the corner. Dallas lands a series of strikes for a near pin fall. He charges Barrett in the corner but Barrett lands a back elbow. Barrett tries for the Bullhammer, but Dallas counters into a top rope bulldog attempt. Barrett shoves him off and hits the Winds of Change for a near pin fall. He signals for the Bullhammer. Dallas dodges and then lands a top rope bulldog for a near pin fall. Barrett picks up Dallas for Wasteland, but Dallas wiggles out and sits on the top rope in the corner. He leaps off to hit Barrett, who hits the Bullhammer for the win.

Winner and still champion: Wade Barrett

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