WWE SmackDown Results: Kane Vs. Dean Ambrose, Arm Wrestling Contest, The Shield & More

Ambrose is in control in the ring as we return. We see that during the commercial, Dean took over by working the leg of Kane. Ambrose continues to work the left leg of Kane. Kane fights up and they trade shots. Dean hits mounted shots in the corner and wraps Kane's leg around the steel post. Rollins and Regins talk trash from nearby.

Dean Ambrose goes up top but Kane brings him down the hard way. Kane starts to build some momentum with strikes and a side slam for 2. Kane goes up top and connects with a clothesline to Dean and smiles beneath his mask. Kane stalks Dean and hits a chokeslam in the middle of the ring. Kane signals for the end, a la The Undertaker, and goes for the Tombstone but Rollins provides the distraction from the apron.

Kane takes care of Rollins but Ambrose takes advantage. Kane single-handedly takes them on at ringside and lays them all out. Dean goes to the injured knee in the ring and plants Kane in a modified reverse DDT for the win.

Winner by pin: Dean Ambrose

Ambrose joins his brothers at ringside and they stalk Kane and surround the ring. Kane holds his own as The Shield regroups and attacks again. They get the best of Kane and go for the triple powerbomb but Kane fights back. Kane goes for a double chokeslam but Roman hits him with a vicious spear. They hit the triple powerbomb on Kane and stand over him. Ambrose asks for the tag titles and he hands one to Rollins. They touch fists as they raise the tag titles over Kane's lifeless body.

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