Matt Hardy Talks Life After Rehab, Signing With WWE In The 90s, Almost Signing With ECW, OMEGA, More

Newer wrestlers like Fandango doing the leg drop from the top: "Looking back at me, if I had taken that out of my repertoire it would have taken a lot of great moments from my career. The one thing I would say to someone like Fandango is be very particular and be very choosey about where you put that. Learning how to pick your spot. It's a very cool business in a lot of ways because whenever you start the professional wrestling business typically you're very healthy and extremely athletic. I mean, when I first started I could do anything. I did the 450 as a finisher quite often on the independent circuit and in the beginning of my WWE career a little bit. I would do springboards like crazy. As time went on I learned to kind of pull back on that stuff. You kind of get to the point where you're so hurt you can't do all that stuff. My flexibility is not good enough right now where I could do a 450-degree splash. As you get older, your body gets hurt more; you become such a smarter worker, quite a bit more of an intelligent performer. That's one thing that's cool about the business. It would be nice to have that intelligence and knowledge and wisdom of being a smart worker and be athletic at the same time. Unfortunately they never really go hand in hand."

His promotion with Shane Helms, OMEGA: "It's kind of being done in conjunction with me and Hurricane Shane Helms. Actually, he has done the majority of it more than anyone else has. Him and his partner Mike Howe, actually are doing the show, which happens Saturday evening in East Wake, which is where we had out greatest show of all time, which is really exciting. That's Saturday, May the 25th."

Bringing OMEGA back last year: "Yes, it was in January. We had the Chinlock for Chub show which was actually a 100 percent fundraiser for a friend of ours, Chub Coates, a friend of ours that kind of broke into the business right around the time we all did, myself, Jeff, Shane Helms and he actually had a bout with cancer. He had been in remission for about 18 months and his cancer came back. He had to have a couple more surgeries; radiation, chemotherapy, and he had quite a bunch of medical bills. We ended up doing the fundraiser for him and we raised 18000 dollars originally, right there at the gate and then the DVD sales are also being contributed to him as well. It was pretty exciting. It was a Tuesday night, everybody donated their time. Jeff came, James Storm came, everyone donated their time, 100%. We drew over 1100 people, paid, that night and with comps we had about 1300 people there. So for a Tuesday night it was pretty impressive. We had a good line up. Once again, it show, I think there is legs up there for independent wrestling. I think if it's done right and it's promoted right and people put a lot of TLC into the promotion and to the wrestlers and into the details, I think you can do well in this day and age, 2013."

If it's true he and Jeff sent a tape to WCW while in OMEGA in the 90's and instead of signing them, they ripped off their name, "High Voltage": "Yeah, that's 100% true. Chris Kanyon, who was one of the regulars at the Power Plant, later when he came to the WWE, we were friends. He was really close friends with Hurricane Shane Helms. He was the main reason that Shannon were hired in WCW. Once he came to WWE he actually had told us that that tape sat there for a long time and they had these two guys, they were looking for a name and they said oh, this guy that does this demo tape here, his name's High Voltage. I think that would be a good name maybe we can use that for your tag team. And it stuck. So I actually changed my name, on the indie scene at that time, from High Voltage to Surge, something along the same personality and character traits. That is a true story. It's absolutely 100% true."

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