Bob Holly Talks CM Punk's Backstage Demeanor, Being Vince's Pet Project, TNA, Lesnar, More

Source: Wrestling Heels Radio

"But as far as the rehab and everything, it was not that bad. I never really had that many issues with the rehab end of it, coming back."

If there was talk of him becoming World Champion during his feud with Brock Lesnar: "I don't think there was. I just think the whole the match was just a lead-up to as far as just blowing off the whole angle. But I just I don't think that honestly, in my opinion, that I was World Title material. I wasn't ready for that because of where I was in the company and stuff like that. I just don't think I was ready for that. So I really honestly don't think there was any talk of putting the title on me. And rightly so because honestly I wasn't ready... I honestly don't think I ever was. I think the time leading up to my broken arm with Kurt because they were grooming me to work on top back then. And then I just never gained the momentum back. And it was just a matter of where I was on the card and in the situations where they needed me to help use me to get other guys over that they were bringing in.

"So I never, ever gained that momentum back because of the role that I was playing at the time as far as needing me to put guys over. So I just don't ever think there really was a period that I would have been ready unless they really had a good storyline for me and got good momentum behind me. But other than that, I just, you know I just in my opinion, I honestly wasn't ready ever. I don't think I ever was. And I was cool with that because there's only room at the top for so many. And I understand how everything works. I understood how everything worked. And I was cool with that.

"It would have been nice to be World Champion. Don't get me wrong. Because along with being World Champion, you carry the company and you make tons of money [laughter]. So it would have been really nice. But it just wasn't in the cards for me. And I was cool with that.

"So it is what it is. And I still had a great career. I had a great run. I made tons of money. So I have no complaints whatsoever. But it would have been nice to be World Champion. Yes."

Fandango and being Vince's pet project: "If you're Vince's pet project, you pretty much you're a shoe-in there. And all you got to do is just listen to him and do what he asks of you, and you'll have it made because he'll make sure that you get over. He will. Just do what he says. And listen to him. And you will get over. So yeah, if he's got Vince behind him like that, that guy's got it made.

"And another thing I love about what he [Fandango] does too is the way he gets in the ring. After he makes his entrance, watch the way he gets in the ring. He does that. Nobody's ever done it that way. And to me, that's different, and I like that. But yeah if he's Vince's pet project, the guy's got it made. He just has to make sure he listens to him and doesn't get the attitude well, I'm gonna do what I want to do, despite of what he says. Because then that'll be the demise of him. Which hopefully I think he's smart enough and he knows who to listen to. So I wish the guy all the best. I really do. I really do."

CM Punk's backstage demeanor: "To me, he seemed like he was happy. He really did. it's hard to tell. He wasn't one to complain at all. You'd never hear him complain. So you wouldn't know if something was wrong. I mean, I talked to him. We talked all the time in the locker room, just talking about anything, in general.

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