Thanks to reader Brandon Biddy for sendin in these results for next week's episode of Impact Wrestling:

* Crimson comes out first and goes at it with Joseph Park in in a Bound For Glory Series qualifier. Park picked up the win.

* Magnus defeated Matt Morgan, Rob Terry and Kenny King in another a BFG Series qualifier.

* Velvet Sky confronted Mickie James and announced that she has been medically cleared to compete.
Mickie does a full heel turn and attacks her.

* Bad Influence defeated Gunner & James Storm in another BFG Series qualifying match. Daniels used one of the title belts after the referee was distracted to pick up the win.

* Hulk Hogan announced that next week is Open Fight Night. He said that the fans would be voting between
Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode as to which will get the first call out of the Bound for Glory series. He also announced a battle royale between all the Aces & Eights members, to determine a spot in the series.

* Austin Aries defeated Eric Young in another BFG Series qualifying match.

* Sting comes out and the crowd goes wild. Said that he didn't get any help from any other wrestlers at
Slammiversary and that he was going to be forming the new Main Event Mafia.

* Mr. Anderson wins the Aces and Eight's Battle Royal. Basically, a finger poke of doom type scenario plays out but D.O.C. doesn't go along with it and fights Anderson, but is eventually defeated. (There were a lot of "this is why WCW failed" chants during this segment). I see this as the beginning of the end of the Aces and Eight's storyline, making D.O.C the next one that will probably be out.... more on that later though.

The main event was Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles. This match played out just like the PPV match, but the Aces and Eights came out, and after some struggle, AJ got the win and walked out while the Aces beat down Kurt. Rampage Jackson made the save to end the show.

Overall the crowd was great, we chanted all night and the match of the night was Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles, they should have had a match like this one at the PPV. One more thing I would like to mention. I watched last night's show on DVR and noticed that the crowd looked big. I will say as I was there that the crowd wasn't as big as I would have hoped. I noticed on this sites that a lot of people are saying that half the arena has been empty at these shows. Well, half was empty, but I can see why. They had cameras set up all over the other half, and the road crew was over there as well with all the equipment setup. I asked someone at the Gwinett Center about it and they said that there weren't any tickets available for that side of the arena set up. So basically, they are only selling tickets for half of the arena and not using the other.

It was nice seeing it on TV though and seeing myself in about every shot. Okay, off to The Forum in Rome tonight for a TNA house show, that's about 20 minutes from here.

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