- SmackDown kicks off with a Payback recap video and the fallout on RAW.

- We go to the arena as Daniel Bryan's music hits and he "YES's" his way to the ring. Bryan pauses in the middle of the ring as we get "YES" chants. He says on Monday something happened to him that hasn't happened in his 13 years; he has never had a match stopped due to injury. He says when the doctor asked him if he was good he said, "Yes!" He says they stopped the match because they think he is the weakest link and think he's not tough enough.

Bryan sends to the video on the Titantron and says Orton is the biggest one at fault. We see as Orton shakes Bryan's hand at the end of the footage. Bryan says instead of raging to have the match continue, Orton patted him on the head like a little dog, with pity. Bryan says he will prove he is not the weak link when he beats Randy Orton tonight. He goes into a "YES" frenzy.

Orton's music hits and he comes to the ring. Orton says Bryan has it all wrong. He says people were concerned for Bryan's well-being and he respected the fact that Bryan just kept coming. Orton says he put his arm around Bryan, not out of pity, but respect. Bryan isn't buying it and he is still paranoid about being weak. Orton agrees to the match but he says he will hurt Bryan tonight and when it gets stopped, Bryan will get carried out. He says, "Respect that!" and walks up the ramp. Bryan shakes his head in the ring.

- Chris Jericho faces Alberto Del Rio tonight, along with Curtis Axel vs. Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship.

- Sheamus comes to the ring. We're back from a break as Sheamus awaits Cody Rhodes in the ring. He is accompanied by Damien Sandow in a suit. Is he in the Main Event Mafia too?

Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes

We see on the WWE App that Cody and Sandow drew straws to determine who faced Sheamus tonight. Sheamus and Cody feel each other out. Sheamus brings Cody down off the top the hard way. The action goes to the floor and Rhodes gets the upper hand as he throws Sheamus into the wall and awaits him in the ring.

Cody hits stomps back in the ring but Sheamus fights out of the corner. Cody works Sheamus' left arm and shoulder and kicks him in the head for 2. Cody rolls Sheamus up with the tights for 2. Sheamus fights back on the apron but Rhodes catches him in an arm submission in the ring. Sheamus gets back to his feet and hits a series of axes and the rolling senton. Sheamus kicks Sandow from the apron and goes for White Noise but Cody counters. Sheamus applies the Cloverleaf for the win.

Winner by submission: Sheamus

Sandow immediately jumps in the ring and kicks Sheamus in the back of the head and unleashes a vicious assault on him. Sandow and Rhodes leave the ring with Sheamus laying. Sandow and Sheamus have a stare down across the ramp.

- Cole sends to another Wyatt Family vignette.

- Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman make their way to the ring as we go to a commercial. Wade Barrett is in the ring as we return. Lilian Garcia makes the formal ring introductions. Nice touch. The Miz is on commentary.

Intercontinental Championship: Curtis Axel (c) vs. Wade Barrett

Wade and Axel lock up to a stalemate. Wade hits some shots in the corner but Axel comes back with a dropkick and he starts to build momentum. Axel hits a knee off the 2nd buckle, a la Bret Hart, for 2. Axel continues with strikes. Barrett comes back with a suplex for a near-fall. Barrett starts to work Axel over in the ropes. Barrett hits knees to the head and kicks Axel in the head, to the floor. Barrett sends him back in; Axel gets the advantage.

Miz says he can smell the slime on Paul Heyman. Barrett his another big kick to the head for 2. Wade goes to the 2nd buckle and flies off but Axel avoids the elbow. Axel hits 2 spinning neckbreakers and gets the pin.

Winner by pin And Still Intercontinental Champion: Curtis Axel

Miz gets up from commentary and gets in the ring. Heyman takes the belt from Axel as Miz removes his jacket. Heyman backs Axel away from Miz and they leave the ring. Paul can be heard saying that his client doesn't work for free.

- A RAW recap is shown of Mark Henry's "retirement." They cut out parts including references to Sexual Chocolate and Mae Young.

- Back in the arena, new Divas Champion AJ Lee makes her entrance with Big E Langston. Natalya is in the ring as we return. We see footage of the AJ / Kaitlyn saga. No nip slip.

AJ Lee vs. Natalya

Natalya shoves AJ on her butt twice and goes to work. Natalya hits a dropkick to the back and looks for the Sharpshooter early. Natalya applies a submission but AJ reaches the ropes. AJ mounts Natalya from behind and applies a chokehold. Layla and Kaitlyn look-on in the back. AJ gets 2 as we go to break.

Natalya lays AJ out with a clothesline for 2 as we return to action. AJ bites Natalya's arm to free herself from her clutches and wins with the Black Widow as Natalya taps.

Winner by submission: AJ Lee

Layla and Kaitlyn react in the back. Aksana shows up and calls Kaitlyn "trash" and Kaitlyn goes off on her. The other Divas have to Kaitlyn off and calm her.

- Chris Jericho makes his entrance. Ricardo introduces our World Champion, Alberto Del Rio.

Chris Jericho vs. Alberto Del Rio

Jericho gets an early lead and gets 2 on Del Rio. Del Rio comes back with stomps in the corner. Jericho moved and Del Rio falls through the ropes. Jericho hits a springboard dropkick to the floor and takes it to Del Rio at ringside. Ricardo distracts Jericho and when he gets in, Del Rio is waiting for him with a big kick to the face. Del Rio is in control as we go to break.

Del Rio knocks Jericho to the floor as we return. Del Rio with 2 back in the ring. Jericho comes back with a flurry and hits an axe handle from up top. Jericho goes for the Walls but Del Rio counters out and kicks Y2J in the head for 2. Del Rio runs in for the Enzuigiri but Jericho moves. Jericho comes off the top with a crossbody but only gets 2.

Jericho hits a bulldog and the Lionsault but doesn't capitalize. Del Rio has a cut over his right eye. Back and forth. Jericho goes for the Walls but Del Rio turns it into a cross armbreaker. Nice. Jericho counters back into the Walls. Ricardo gets on the apron and Jericho puts the Walls on him, Lion Tamer style, as he taps. Dolph Ziggler hits the ring and attacks Del Rio.

Winner by disqualification: Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio and Ricardo escape through the crowd. Jericho and Ziggler argue; Jericho hits him with the Codebreaker and leaves. Del Rio and Ricardo come back to assault Ziggler. Del Rio knocks Ziggler out with a kick to the head.

- Drew McIntyre and 3MB are in the ring. Christian is introduced.

Christian vs. Drew McIntyre

Drew tries a get aggressive but Christian sends him to the floor and follows up with a dropkick through the ropes. Drew catches Christian from up top and drops him for 2. Christian comes back and hits an elbow from the 2nd buckle. Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal get on the apron but are unable to distract Christian too long. Christian hits the Killswitch in the ring for the win.

Winner by pin: Christian

Christian grabs the mic in the ring and he says that after 10 long months, it feels good to be out in front of his peeps. He says he came back for "One more match." The Shield's music hits and they attack from the normal entrance, not their usual crowd entrance. They surround the ring and maul Christian. They hit the triple powerbomb and stand over Christian.

- The Rob Van Dam video is shown.

- Back from a commercial to a CM Punk recap video of Payback and the following night on RAW with Brock Lesnar.

- Renee Young gets comments from Paul Heyman in the back. He asks Renee about her relationship with her father. He brings up things about her fiancée and her breaking up. She looks hurt. Paul says CM Punk is his best friend and not his client and it is personal. He will not air-out dirty laundry on TV. He tells her to ask him about Cutis Axel next time.

- Randy Orton makes his entrance to the ring. Daniel Bryan has entered the ring as we return from a break.

Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan

The bell rings and they waste no time going at it with intensity. They take turns with mounted shots in the corners. Orton gets the first decided advantage with a suplex. Orton hits a couple of knees and leaps for another one but Bryan moves and the grapple on the mat. Bryan tries to weaken the arm for the No / Yes Lock. Orton escapes the attempt and hangs Bryan out on the top rope. Orton tries a suplex from the apron to the floor but Bryan counters. Orton gets the suplex; Bryan almost lands on his feet. Bryan is laid out on the floor.

Back from a break with 8 minutes left in the show. Orton stops Bryan's strikes with a dropkick for 2. Orton puts Bryan up top and headbutts him. Orton goes up for a superplex but Bryan blocks it and headbutts Orton down. Bryan hits a missile dropkick and the ref counts both of them down. Bryan does a kip-up and goes into a frenzy of offense. Bryan gets 2. Bryan screams that he is not the weak link as he unloads on Bryan. Orton snaps off a powerslam and gets 2.

Orton starts to get that look in his eyes; Bryan hits a backslide for 2. Bryan unloads with Yes Kicks for 2. Bryan goes up but Orton meets him and makes him lose his balance. Orton measures Bryan for a shot to the face and hits a superplex but only gets 2. Orton hits his ropes DDT. 3 minutes left in the show. Orton coils up but Bryan rolls to the floor. Orton goes out and suplexes Bryan into the security wall. Bryan comes off the apron with a knee to Orton and gets back in the ring at the count of 6. Bryan flies back through the ropes with a dive onto Orton.

The ref starts the count over. Bryan makes it back in at 9. Orton makes it in after 10.

Winner by count out: Daniel Bryan

Bryan grabs a mic a demands the match be restarted because he doesn't want a count out victory. The ref tells him, "No," but Bryan starts a "YES" chant as we go off the air.

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