ROH TV opens this week with a brief recap of Best in the World.

Alex Reynolds and John Silver vs. Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander

Silver and Cedric start things off. Cedric gets some chops and a dropkick for a near pin fall. Caprice comes on and they double team with a Suplex, followed by kicks to the head. Caprice hits a leg drop. Silver comes back with a jawbreaker and tags Reynolds in. Coleman attempts a pump handle, but Caprice counters with a clothesline. Caprice hits a big punch. He then hits Reynolds with a dropkick.

Caprice hits a clothesline and Silver kicks him in the back. Reynolds drapes Coleman over the top rope and Silver comes in. He stomps Caprice. They exchange quick tags and try for a double team, but Caprice lands a dropkick on both of them at the same time. Cedric comes in and hits Silver with a clothesline. He drops an elbow on Reynolds and then clotheslines Silver again. He hits Reynolds with an enziguri and then attacks Silver.

Reynolds sends Cedric into the corner. The heels start double teaming Cedric as Tadarius Thomas and ACH come out on the ramp to watch the match. Reynolds hits a double knee face breaker. Silver lands a German. He attempts the pin, but Caprice breaks it up. Caprice kicks Silver and tosses Reynolds out of the ring. Silver tries to get some offense in, but Caprice rams him into the corner. C&C hit Overtime for the win.

Winners: Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander

Then, Nigel McGuinness comes down to the ring. He talks about Best in the World and why he loves the company. He then talks about Jay Briscoe reinjuring his shoulder and Mark Briscoe getting a concussion in their match. As a result, Mark Briscoe cannot compete in Steel Cage Warfare. He questions who will fill the spot as Kevin Steen comes out and urges to be put in the match. SCUM comes down to the ring and starts beating Steen down. Whitmer, Lethal and Elgin run out for the save and everyone brawls as things go to commercial.

MsChif vs. Veda Scott

MsChif sends Scott to the outside. She sends Scott into the barrier twice and then lands knees to the back. She sends Scott back in for a near fall. Scott tries to come back with elbows to no avail. Scott hits MsChif with a kick to the knee, followed by a drop kick. She hits MsChif with several forearms and then sends her into the corner. She kicks MsChif. MsChif tries to counter with a clothesline, but Scott German suplexes her into the corner. She hits MsChif with a crossbody that sends her to the outside.

MsChif lands a German Suplex and Scott makes it back into the ring before the 20 count. MsChif lands a strike. Scott comes back with a Saito Suplex for a near fall. MsChif screams and Scott screams back. MsChif lands a kick and a sit out choke slam for a near pin fall. MsChif hits the Desecrator for a near pin fall. She gets angry and sets up Scott on the ropes. She hits Obliteration for the win.

Winner: MsChif

Adam Page vs. Silas Young

Young takes up the mic and says he is embarrassed to follow the MsChif match because women should be in the kitchen, not wrestling. He tells Page he looks like a girl and will show him what it's like to fight a real man.

The two exchange strikes. Page slingshots Young into the corner. He keeps the offense up and Young rolls to the outside. Page tries to follow up with a kick, but Young sends him into the barrier. Young gets up on the apron and tries for a dive, but Page lands a dropkick. He sends Young into the barrier twice. Things head to the apron and Young rams Page into the ring post. They fall back outside.

Young tries to kick Page, but Page moves and Young hits himself between the legs on the barrier. Page suplexes Young off the barrier to the floor. He sends Young into the ring and hits a top rope cross body for a near pin fall. He sets Young on the turnbuckle. They exchange chops. Page goes for what looks like a cutter but Young hits him in the back of the head. Page hits a back breaker. They exchange chops. Young hits a boot to the head. Young goes for what looks like a dragon Suplex, but Page reverses into a roll up for the win.

Winner: Adam Page

After the match, Young attacks Page and beats him down.

ROH World Television Championship
Matt Taven (c) with Truth Martini and Hoopla Hotties vs. Eddie Edwards

They tie up and chain wrestle. Taven hits a knee to the gut. Edwards whips Taven and charges, but runs into a boot. Taven goes up top, but Edwards chops him and he falls into the Tree of Woe, hanging outside the ring. Edwards kicks him, sending his head into the ring post. Edwards takes Taven to different barriers and chops him. Things go back in the ring and Edwards locks in a surfboard. He whips Taven. Taven sends Edwards to the apron, Truth distracts Edwards and Taven kicks him to the outside.

Back from commercial and Taven rolls Edwards into the ring. He hits Edwards with a vertical Suplex. Taven goes up top and Edwards kicks him. He tries for a superplex, but Taven sends him off. Taven goes for a frog splash, but Edwards moves. Edwards delivers multiple chops. Edwards tries to bound off the ropes, but Truth trips him up. Taven charges Edwards, Edwards tosses him outside and Taven skins the cat. Edwards clotheslines Taven to the outside.

Edwards hits Taven with a dive. He sends Taven back into the ring. He goes up top and leaps off, but misses. Edwards hits a leaping knee. He sets Taven up on the turnbuckle. He tries to keep the offense up, but Taven comes back with Angel's Wings for a near pin fall. Taven sends Edwards to the apron and tries for a DDT, but Edwards escapes. Taven tries for his headlock driver, but Edwards counters into a falcon arrow. Edwards heads to the corner, but Taven lands a kick to the head. He tries for a superplex, but Edwards fights out.

Edwards hits Taven with an enziguri and goes up top. He hits a double boot stomp and locks in the Achilles Lock. Truth gets up on the apron. Edwards charges him and one of the Hotties slides Taven the belt. Taven charges Edwards with the belt, but Edwards counters and tries to lock in the Achilles Lock again. Taven kicks Edwards towards the ropes, where one of the Hotties is standing. Edwards stops and Taven lands the headlock driver off the distraction for the win.

Winner: Matt Taven

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