Thanks to reader @RamWalls for sending in this set of results from last Tuesday's RAW taping in Laredo, TX:

Raw kicked off with Vince Mcmahon coming down to the ring with Brad Maddox, only for Vince to kick Maddox out. Daniel Bryan entered the ring and Vince said that he wants a new champion, but not for it to be Bryan or Cena. Cue the "Yes!" chants. The segment ends with Bryan proving that the fans want him as champion as they are doing the "Yes!" chants.

*The Shield defeated Mark Henry and the Usos in a six man tag match. This was a pretty good match ending with Ambrose getting the pin on one of the Usos. Henry was pretty over. In a cool moment, I got to tap the Sheild as they passed by me.

* Rob Van Dam defeated Fandango via count out. Basically a showcase match for RVD with Fandango walking away before RVD hit the frog splash.

* Kaitlyn defeated WWE Divas Champion AJ in a non title match. Pretty decent divas match that ended with a good looking spear.

Dolph Ziggler came out to make fun of AJ. He then challenged Big E. to a match.

* Dolph Ziggler defeated Big E by DQ when AJ attacked Dolph. Big E. was furious.

* Christian defeated Alberto Del Rio in a non title match with a roll up. Del Rio was over huge since we were close to Mexico. A good match.

* Cody Rhodes defeated Wade Barrett in a decent match. The crowd didn't really react to either of them. Afterwards, Damien cut a promo about Cody stealing his briefcase. This was confusing because earlier for the Main Event taping he appeared with the briefcase. I'm assuming that the angle happens on SmackDown.

* Daniel Bryan defeated Kane in a good match with a roll up. Afterwards the Wyatt Family appeared and attacked Kane. Wyatt spoke about Kane not being a demon.

* Brie Bella defeated Natalya in a boring match after Nikki distracted Natalya.

* Curtis Axel defeated R-Truth in a really quick match. Afterwards Punk attacked Axel and got his hands on Heyman, but Heyman ran off before any damage was done. Huge pop for punk.

* There was a backstage segment with Triple H and Stephanie thinking aloud about giving Bryan a "corporate makeover"

* John Cena defeated Ryback in a tables match. Surprisingly entertaining match that ended with an AA through a table. After the match, Bryan came out and grabbed the WWE Championship and pretended to hand it to Cena, only to pull it back at the last second. Cena got mad and snatched the belt from Bryan and they had a staredown. There were boos for Cena and "Yes1" chants for Bryan. Cena left the ring to "Yes!" chants.

As you can see there weren't many in ring promo segments which surprised me. Axel looks like he's improved on the mic in a short promo he gave. Good wrestling show. 8.5/10

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