Source: Wrestle Talk TV

Colt Cabana recently sat down with Wrestle Talk TV. During the interview, Cabana discussed the recent success of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, and if he was jealous of Punk.

"I'm so proud of them [Punk and Daniel Bryan]," Cabana said. "This might sound awful, I don't know if people even believe it, I don't even know if I believe it, but people ask me all the time, are you jealous of Punk for what he's done? Are you jealous of even Cesaro or Dragon [Daniel Bryan]? I love what I'm doing. I literally love it so much. I feel that my success, although not as monetarily the same as Punk and Bryan, just on a spiritual almost level, which I'm not spiritual at all, but the idea [of it]. I'm good. I'm good. I'm wrestling all the time. I have such a great interaction with fans through my podcast and even just through email and stuff. I feel I'm just as successful.

"And when Punk and I are hanging out, it's just two guys. We're next-door neighbors. Nobody's like I'm better than you at this, you're better than me at that or whatever. It's just two guys and we're just two friends. So I always see it on just the same level. Maybe cause he doesn't flaunt his bank account or anything or he still drives the same crappy car that he's had since we started wrestling back in the early 2000s. So the jealousy is not there because I'm happy with what I'm doing. If I was homeless and not happy with my life, I'd definitely be jealous. I'd be like I could have been there. But because I'm fine, it's just me enjoying their success, enjoying seeing them on TV, making money, traveling the world and just seeing how far they've got. To me, it's so cool and awesome. Only because I'm doing what I like."

You can check out that part of the interview above and the full TV interview here.

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