Ted Dibiase Sr. Talks Working In WWE Creative, How Ted Jr. Was Used In WWE, Religion, More

[Editor's note: The interview was conducted before Ted left WWE earlier this week] And of course Ted Jr. went there and did very well. Shot out of the cannon like a ya know, did a movie and did the whole thing with him and Orton and Cody Rhodes. I don't know, that's a debatable point. It's kind of like everything seemed to go cold That's kind of a mystery. He's also had a couple of injuries, but when you talked to the boys, when you talk to the guys producing the show, Arn Anderson and Michael Hayes and the guys that are helping the talent, they've all told me. They've said your kid is one of the best wrestlers we've got. So, I don't know. Timing's everything, I know that. They kind of went off in the wrong direction, in my opinion, when they tried to make him an extension of me. That whole where I gave him the belt and he kept saying, "I'm not my dad," but that's when he's starting to act like me. It didn't work.

WrestlingINC: I think that's something that has never worked.

Dibiase: What's that?

WrestlingINC: When someone's trying to act like someone else as opposed to being their own person.

Dibiase: Right, and of course that's not what he wanted to do. It's really a mystery to me. People constantly come up to me, even now, and they go your son is so good, why aren't they doing anything with him? I say you know, that's a good question. I don't really know. I'm not really sure where my son is too right now, in terms of, he had an injury and while he was injured he was off during the last couple months of his wife's pregnancy and during the first couple month's of his son's life. I remember when he was getting ready to go back on the road he called me and he said, "dad, he said I just want you to know, I get it now. Now I know why you didn't want me to do this." He said it's really hard to leave this little boy. I said, "well, I tried to tell ya, but some things you just have to learn that way."

So he's been back on the road wrestling, but they haven't put him on television at all. Basically what they've said is we don't want to just throw you back out there. Which they could do, they could throw him out there because he's good and just abuse him and let everybody beat him. But they haven't done that. What the future holds for Ted and wrestling, I don't know. I don't know how interested the company is in really pushing him and I'm not sure how real interested Ted is in continuing at this point. We'll all know soon enough, I guess.

WrestlingINC: I've heard from several second and third generation wrestlers, where they'll talk about it's easier to break into the business, but it's harder to get pushed or get to the top because there's much higher expectations placed on you.

Dibiase: It is, it's true. That's what I told my son. I said getting in or getting the opportunity to be seen, getting you into the program to train, that's not the problem. But I said once you go, when you walk out the curtain, the expectation of the crowd goes way up because of the name. Ted seemed to handle that well. His movie did, of course they've had some other movies life time I've checked, but one time, somebody told me they said Ted, The Marine 2 is the second most profitable movie that the WWE had produced. At one point Nickelodeon wanted to do something with him. They told him, they said they looked at everybody, we want you. Vince didn't want to let him do it because he said he was working too much, four days for Vince and three days for them. So I don't know. It's just one of those kind of you have to wait and see.

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