Bayley and Charlotte vs. Alicia Fox and Aksana

Bayley and Aksana start off. Aksana offers to hug Bayley. Bayley tries and Aksana kicks her. Aksana hits a side slam. Aksana kicks Bayley in the chest and drops a pair of elbows. She slams Bayley's head into the turnbuckle and Fox comes in with a dropkick. Fox slams Bayley's head into the turnbuckle twice and hits a Northern Lights Suplex. Aksana and Fox exchange quick tags. Aksana locks in a submission on the mat. Bayley tries to fight back to no avail.

Aksana choke Bayley in the corner with her boot. Bayley comes back with a belly to belly. Fox and Charlotte get tagged in. Charlotte tries to pin Fox. Fox tosses her into the corner, but Charlotte goes over the ropes to the apron. Charlotte goes up top but Fox tosses her off. Charlotte gets a clothesline. Charlotte picks Fox up on her shoulders. Bayley tags herself in. She and Charlotte argue and Bayley gets hit by Fox. Fox whips Bayley into the corner and charges with her boot, but Bayley moves and Fox hits Aksana. Bayley gets a roll up for the win.

Winners: Charlotte and Bayley

Bayley hugs Charlotte after the match.

Then, Sylvester LeFort and Scott Dawson are backstage and Alexander Rusev walks up. LeFort says tonight is about getting revenge on Mason Ryan. LeFort says they will have Rusev's back and asks what he will do to Ryan. Rusev breaks a 2x4 with Mason's name written on it. Then, LeFort says they will win, make money and go to Sizzler.

Rick Victor (with Conor O'Brian) vs. Corey Graves (with Adrian Neville)

During his entrance, Victor still has possession of Corey Graves's tag team championship.

Graves tosses his jacket at Victor and tackles him, pummeling him with punches. He slams Victor's head into turnbuckles and delivers body shots. Victor tries to fight back, but Graves keeps the attack up. Victor hits a shot to the gut. Graves comes back with right hands and headbutts. Graves gets a back elbow. Graves goes to work on Victor's leg. He tries to lock in a submission, but Victor kicks him off. Graves locks in Victor's head on the mat.

Victor fights to his feet and kicks Graves in the corner. He delivers knees to Graves's gut. He chops Graves on the ropes. Graves fights back with forearms and elbows. Graves hits a vertical Suplex. He punches Victor in the face. Graves hits a crossbody. Victor quickly comes back, stomping Graves's ribs. Victor then wrenches his head. They exchange strikes back and forth. Graves kicks Victor in the head. He charges Victor, who drapes Graves across the top rope. Back from commercial and Victor is stomping Graves in the corner.

Victor clubs Graves in the back. He rips the tape off Graves's ribs and the drives his boot into his gut in the corner. Victor chops Graves and hits an uppercut multiple times. Victor lands a gut buster. He then drives his knee into Graves's gut. Victor places his knee in Graves's back and pulls his head back. He releases the submission and stomps Graves in the ribs multiple times. Victor locks in the same submission again. The submission is released and Victor drops an elbow on Graves's back.

Victor charges Graves in the corner, who puts a boot up. Graves battles back with head strikes and a knee to the face. Graves hits a big clothesline and then a fist drop. Graves signals for the chop block to the knee to set up his finisher, but O'Brian gets up on the apron. Neville dropkicks him off and then takes him out with a dive. Victor picks Graves up on his shoulders, but Graves counters into a quick pin for the win.

Winner: Corey Graves

Graves takes his title back and he and Neville pose on the ramp. Then, Sasha Banks is putting on make up backstage. Summer Rae walks up and says she hopes Banks is thinking about how to be relevant. Banks says she is stirring up trouble for no reason. Summer says there's a reason. Summer says Paige thinks she is better than them. Summer says if she were Banks she would give Paige the beat down of her life because she knows Banks has inner rage. Summer says the real question is if Banks knows she has the inner rage.

Back from commercial and Renee Young is backstage with Paige. She asks about the stuff that's been going on with Summer getting in Banks's head. Paige says that Banks is good, but she is the champion. Paige says she is the most dominant diva to ever walk through the ring. She says she is fighter and that she will give Banks the best fight of her life next week.

Alexander Rusev (with Scott Dawson and Sylvester LeFort) vs. Mason Ryan

They circle around each other and lock up. They shove off and circle each other again. They tie up and Ryan shoves Rusev into the corner. Rusev hits a kick to the gut. Ryan gets a back elbow. He kicks Rusev in the corner and hits a shoulder knock down. Rusev hits a spinning heel kick. Rusev drops headbutts on Ryan. He then headbutts Ryan in the chest, in the corner. Rusev locks in Ryan's arms and headbutts him in the chest multiple times.

Rusev hits a running body block on Ryan against the ropes. Rusev kicks Ryan in the chest, in the corner. He charges Ryan, who moves. Ryan hits shots to the head, taking Rusev down. Ryan lands two clotheslines in the corner and then a running big boot. Dawson gets up on the apron and Ryan slings him into the ring. Ryan clotheslines Rusev and then clotheslines Dawson out of the ring. LeFort gets up on the apron and Ryan turns attention to him.

Rusev charges and hits Ryan in the gut. Rusev locks Ryan in the Camel Clutch and Ryan taps.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

Things are then shown backstage, outside. Leo Kruger is standing over Xavier Woods, who's holding his neck in pain.

Sami Zayn vs. Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter)

Swagger backs Zayn into the corner. Zayn shoots out and hits body shots. He drives his boot into Swagger's throat. The ref breaks it up and Swagger gets a shoulder knockdown. Zayn gets a dropkick. Zayn elbows Swagger in the back of the neck. He chops Swagger on the ropes multiple times. Zayn ducks a clothesline attempt and hits another dropkick, sending Swagger from the ring. He goes for a dive, but Swagger moves so Zayn springboards off the ropes, back into the ring.

Zayn heads outside and attacks Swagger with strikes. He hits Swagger's head off the apron twice. Zayn heads back inside and Swagger lands a clothesline. He stomps Zayn on the mat. Swagger hits knees to the gut in the corner. Zayn slumps down and Swagger hits a running knee to the head. Back from commercial and Zayn is battling to his feet. He hits Swagger with head strikes. Swagger hits a belly to belly. He tosses Zayn to the apron. Swagger pulls him back in and lands a vertical Suplex.

They exchange strikes to the head. Swagger lands more knees to the gut and clotheslines Zayn hard, sending Zayn spinning around his arm. He drives his knee into Zayn's head against the ropes. He then locks in a shoulder submission on Zayn. Zayn fights out. Swagger charges Zayn, who pulls the ropes down, sending Swagger to the outside. Zayn hits a dive as the crowd chants NXT. Zayn tosses Swagger inside and hits a cross body from up top for a very near pin fall.

He charges Swagger in the corner, but Swagger catches his boot. Swagger marches him out of the corner, but Zayn counters into a pin attempt. Swagger slams Zayn to the mat. Swagger goes for an Oklahoma Stampede, but Zayn gets out after Swagger slams him into the turnbuckle and lands a spin out powerbomb pin attempt for a near pin fall. Swagger tries to lock in the Patriot Lock, but Zayn fights out. Swagger hits his Gutwrench powerbomb for a near pin fall.

Swagger locks in the Patriot Lock. Zayn tries to fight out via kicks to the arm, but Swagger stops him. Zayn makes it to the ropes and Swagger breaks the hold. Swagger stomps on his head and goes for the Swagger Bomb, but Zayn puts his knees up. Zayn hits a running boot to the face in the corner for a near pin fall. Zayn clubs Swagger in the back. He goes up top and Swagger stops him. Swagger climbs up and Zayn hits him with a super power bomb for a near pin fall.

Bo Dallas runs out and distracts Zayn. Swagger locks in the Patriot Lock again and Zayn taps.

Winner: Jack Swagger

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