Jim Cornette Says He'd Hang Up And Take Xanax If TNA Called; Talks WWE - Kayfabe, Mid-South, ROH

Mainstream wrestling and sports-entertainment has acquired a fan base. Since I've been off from wrestling for a year, I go to a lot of comic book conventions since I've been a lifelong comic book collector and a pop-culture nerd and nut and I just stayed away from wrestling but I took to a lot of people who are no longer active wrestling fans but they used to be and I found that the younger fans that like sports entertainment that if they go back and look at the older footage on YouTube or like the Mid-South wrestling DVD, they can get into that. But the old-time fans that like wrestling back in the 60's, 70's and 80's, they generally have disdain for what wrestling has become because if you parody something long enough sooner or later people can't take it seriously and to me, I look at sports-entertainment as a parody of professional wrestling where obviously John Wayne didn't shoot all of those Indians in the movies but at the same time he didn't dusted them off and shake their hand for taking a great bump of the horse unless on-screen.

There is something to be said for the fact that everything is done for winking at the fans that stay on the internet and live off of the websites that know the inner workings and there is not enough done for the guy in Des Moines, Iowa that works at the Jiffy Lube who just wants to see a good wrestling show or goes to see a good fight and ultimately the UFC is the most successful wrestling promotion in the world because wrestling is not using the old tricks to hype up a fight so they will. They build the champion and the challenger up as the two baddest assholes on the planet and they are going to fight for a belt and for some money and we are going to see who wins that used to be wrestling, now its UFC and now wresting has become sports-entertainment where: "What's going to happen in the soap opera?" The passion has been rung out of it and the emotion has been rung out of it.

My climb to the top started in Louisiana as a manager and we figured out that the Midnight Express about a hundred people willing went to jail by taking a swing at me and often connecting in the presence of a police officer and those people were so mad at me and believed what the Midnight Express were doing and believed in our opponents and worshipped them as heroes therefore they veiled us as villains to the point where they were willing to go to jail just to get a crack at me and it was a different time but that's what kept the people coming back. The emotion and the emotional investment to where in 1986, we were in Crockett Promotions we figured out that just in Charlotte, North Carolina alone sold over a hundred thousand tickets to see live wrestling events and grossed well over one million dollars in that city alone. You don't get that repeat business and that wasn't an unusual story in those days and now it's a traveling show. It's a network television and when we come to that town once a year, let's sees how it unfolds in a wrestling ring but it doesn't have the same feel and this Mid-South DVD and believe me folks, when you watch it, if anything it's understated.

If Mid-South Wrestling was the best territory: Well, was the Rolling Stone or Led Zeppelin the greatest rock and roll band ever? That's always subjective. For me and the Midnight Express at the time, it was because Bill Watts took young guys but inexperienced guys that had potential and he put them through this rigorous test both inside and outside the ring and made starts of them if they had what it took and you see can see all of the hall of famers from Junkyard Dog to Ted DiBiase, the Midnight Express, Rock N Roll Express, Hacksaw Duggan and on and on that was there first territory where they drew money and there I was at twenty two years old kid, main evening the Superdome in front of twenty five thousand people, I was s--tting my pants but he can do that with guys.

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