WWE SmackDown Results: Orton Destroys Miz, 'No' Daniel Bryan, Ambrose Vs. Ziggler And More

Ambrose tags in Reigns. Reigns punishes Ziggler briefly and tags Ambrose back in who resumes the offense. More quick tags from The Shield as they keep the ring cut off from Ziggler. Reigns drops Ziggler like a ragdoll. Ziggler hits a spike DDT on Reigns and they both lay on the mat. Reigns makes it to Rollins who leaps in to prevent Ziggler from the hot-tag. Rollins takes RVD off the apron which gives Ziggler a chance to tag Kofi.

Kofi turns it up and hits the Boom Drop on Ambrose. Ambrose ducks Trouble in Paradise but Kofi hits a crossbody off the top for 2. Ziggler comes in with a Fame-asser on Rollins; Reigns spears Ziggler; RVD hits a kick to Reigns off the top and moonsaults onto him from the apron to the floor. Kofi springs off the ropes with a punch to Ambrose's face and Trouble in Paradise to Reigns. Rollins hits the Blackout to Kofi and Ambrose rolls him up for the win.

Winners by pin: The Shield

- Renee Young interviews Big Show in the back. He fights back tears as he recounts the past few weeks. He says he is a wreck but he has to do what is best for his family and he needs this job. Show starts to break down as HHH appears in the shot. Hunter tells him that maybe they should forget the job if it is this tough for him. HHH says he will find Show a job as a "doorman... or paperboy... or...airport.. baggage...guy." Show gets angry and puts his fist in Hunter's face as Hunter pretends to cry. Hunter tells him to think about his wife. He says Show will do absolutely nothing and he is going to like it. Show lets out a roar in Hunter's face and leaves as Hunter smirks in total pride of himself.

- The Funkadactyls make their entrance on the other side of a break. AJ Lee skips to the ring with Tamina Snuka in tow. We go to an old-school style inset promo from AJ. She says every Diva is against her so she hired Tamina.

AJ Lee vs. Cameron

AJ takes control with a mean streak. Cameron goes on a flurry and does a split on AJ's face (no comment) and gets 2. AJ comes back and tosses Cameron to the floor at Tamina's feet. AJ sends Cameron back in as she screams in her face. Naomi gets on the apron so Tamina pulls her off and takes her head off with a clothesline. Cameron rolls AJ up in the ring and gets 2. AJ hits a running knee to Cameron's face and gets the pin.

Winner by pin: AJ Lee

Tamina joins AJ in the ring as they stand over Cameron.

- Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel talk and embrace in the back. Heyman is on his way out.

- A promo runs for the HHH DVD. (It is strange to hear Bobby Heenan's voice in relation to Triple H. I had forgotten they had crossed paths in WCW. Heenan says, "He is a star of the future.")

- Back from a break as Paul Heyman walks out on the stage to boos. Without words, he simply directs our attention to the Titantron which shows Ryback laying out CM Punk at Night of Champions. Heyman says every time our bloodlust for his hide drives CM Punk to go against him, Punk will fail. He calls us myopic. Heyman says when his scooter failed, it was us that motivated Punk to attack him. He sends to the footage from Monday of Punk getting laid out again by Ryback.

Heyman thanks Curtis Axel for making that plan come together. He also thanks that "big, bad, beautiful man Ryback." He thanks the fans for worshipping Punk and motivating him. Heyman sells the match between Ryback and Punk at Battleground. He says Punk will "end up flat on his back, looking up at Ryback and Paul Heyman: The Best in the World."

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