Source: Bauer and Pollock Podcast

As noted earlier, former WWE creative writer Court Bauer said on the most recent episode of the Bauer and Pollock Podcast that Michael Hayes was suspended indefinitely by WWE and sent home a few weeks ago because he was seen drinking with Rosa Mendes after she had just completed a stint in rehab for substance abuse.

"He [Hayes] was hanging and having a few drinks with Rosa Mendes - many are familiar with her recent problems with drinking," Bauer said (props to Chris Maffei for the transcription). "WWE didn't feel it was a good look, and a lot of people tipped off the front office about this event. They had been bringing her for a few weeks to TV but not using her, I think just to make sure that things were good, she was in a good place, it was a good environment for her and should could handle it.

"That was the right move by the office, that was the right move to do. Very sensitive to the subject, but also just seeing if it was time to get back and get her involved. If someone has a problem, you probably shouldn't be pouring a few back with them. I think that's probably not in their best interests. As a person that's intricately involved with talent and the inner office and knows this, that's really inexcusable."

Bauer noted that Hayes was told "he'd be basically suspended from school for a few weeks," but that he's still with the company and is not going anywhere.

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