Magnus Talks Negativity Towards TNA, Fans Saying TNA Is Going Out Of Business, Improving, More

Focusing to be better: "Normally, it's studying tapes. Sometimes things happen organically based on the right opponent and suddenly and I've borrowed more than a couple things from Japan and the trips that I had over there over the last year have been very beneficial in that respect and being so close to (Samoa)Joe and A.J. (Styles) and learning from guys like that and also, it's funny because you do something once because it just happens to fit in that particular match and then sometimes the reaction is so strong or somebody that you trust like A.J. or Kurt or Joe, who really knows there stuff, will say, 'Hey, that's a keeper.'

"Pretty much my entire move set as we like to call it, is stuff that I have done somewhere along the line and when I comeback either Kurt, Joe or A.J. have said: 'That's a keeper' and no more has to be said about that. I'll keep doing that and once you do that, you are good from there. Once you get your foundation, you can play around with variations and let it happen very organically and it's up to me to make it happen. People didn't see me from day one and say: 'This is his future.' It was based off of my work with Samoa Joe in 2012 and I stepped up and it's funny because one you start getting labeled, that's when you get a lot of pushback and it bears repeating, the only reason why the conversation is happening is because of what I've done. The pressure is fine, I can handle that but it's up to me to make it happen and to take that step and make it mean something."

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