'UFC 167: St-Pierre Vs. Hendricks' Results

Round 4: They touch gloves again for the start of the championship rounds. St-Pierre still looking fresher; Hendricks misses on a few big punches. St-Pierre lands low with a kick but Hendricks shakes it off. Hendricks is throwing heavy, single shots as St-Pierre pecks away with punches and kicks. Hendricks pressures and manages to trip St-Pierre. He's working from full guard, landing ground and pound. Hendricks staying busy, landing some crisp elbows. St-Pierre, bloodied, pushes Hendricks back with his legs and Hendricks lets him up. Hendricks looking to land heavy leather. He has St-Pierre backpedaling. Two minutes to go. Hendricks working the jab. St-Pierre lands a right and goes for the takedown; Hendricks stuffs it easily and turns him into the cage. Hendricks working for a takedown of his own. St-Pierre sprawls out. St-Pierre pressing Hendricks to the cage, but Hendricks turns him. Hendricks ends the round working knees to the thigh and threatening the takedown. WrestlingInc.com scores the round 10-9 for Hendricks

Round 5: They touch gloves, Hendricks looking relaxed. St-Pierre working the takedown hard, but Hendricks is defending and showing great balance by landing hard shots while doing so. He defends successfully and presses St-Pierre to the wall. Hendricks working knees to the thighs and pressuring with the takedown. St-Pierre looking for a kimura, but Hendricks threatens by grabbing his arm. St-Pierre lands a nice kick to the body and then hits a takedown with three minutes left. Hendricks is working to his feet. Hendricks gets up and St-Pierre keeps him against the cage. Hendricks turns him into the fence. They battle for position on the wall. The ref separates them as they work the clinch. St-Pierre with a front kick. St-Pierre looking for the head kick. Just over a minute to go. St-Pierre shoots for the takedown; Hendricks defends well. St-Pierre gets him down briefly, but Hendricks is right back up. Hendricks turns St-Pierre into the cage with under twenty seconds to go. St-Pierre looking for the kimura, but he can't seal the deal. WrestlingInc.com scores the round 10-9 for St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre defeated Johny Hendricks via split decision (48-47, 47-48, 48-47)

St-Pierre tells the crowd following the bout that he has personal things happening in his life and that he has to hang up his gloves, at least "for a little bit."

That's it for our coverage tonight, folks. Thanks for tuning in!

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