Source: PWInsider

- The episode of Shawn Michaels' MacMillan River Adventures with Jim Ross will air tonight on The Outdoor Channel. Speaking of JR, he tweeted an update on plans for "An Evening with Jim Ross" events in 2014:

"Working on tour dates for 'An Evening w/ Jim Ross' shows in 2014. Thinking NYC might be the place to start. More details soon. #Excited"

- European arm wrestling champion Sarah Backman revealed on Twitter that she's signed with WWE and began training at the Performance Center in Orlando today. She tweeted:

"So.. Today, it's exactly 7 years ago I started armwrestling - Nov 19 2006. Pretty funny that I started WRESTLING almost the same date (yesterday, Nov 18th) 7 years later. It's gonna be very interesting and exciting to see where I'm at in another seven years! #wwe #armwrestling #anniversary #wrestling #wwediva #loveit"

Backman retired from professional arm wrestling to sign a WWE deal and has been waiting since the summer for her work visa to come through so she could travel here from Sweden. She moved to Orlando last week. Here's a photo from today:

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