WWE Monday Night RAW Results - John Cena Challenges Randy Orton, Michael Strahan, More

Axel and Big E start the match and go at it. Ryback tags in and fans start chanting Goldberg as they keep control of Big E. Another tag to Axel. Axel unloads on Big E and makes another tag to Ryback. Ryback with a headlock now. Big E catches Ryback with a big belly-to-belly suplex. Henry tags in and runs over Axel. Henry with headbutts on the mat and a big running powerslam. Ryback runs in but Big E stops him and sends him over the top rope. Henry with a World's Strongest Slam on Axel for the win.

Winners: Big E Langston and Mark Henry

- After the match, Big E and Henry hype each other up and embrace. Big E poses with his title and they embrace again before leaving.

- Up next, a rematch of the Divas 7-on-7 match at Survivor Series. We go to commercial.

- Back from the break and we see what happened earlier when Triple H made the huge main event for TLC.

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: Eva Marie, Jo Jo, Natalya, Cameron, Naomi and The Bella Twins vs. AJ Lee, Tamina Snuka, Kaitlyn, Alicia Fox, Aksana, Rosa Mendes and Summer Rae

We go to the ring for a Survivor Series rematch with the Divas. Both teams are already in the ring. It's going to be Aksana starting out with Brie Bella. They go to the ropes and Aksana shoves Brie. Brie pushes her against the ropes again and they have words. Brie takes Aksana down and rolls her for a 2 count. Brie spanks Aksana and drops her with a facebuster for the pin. Aksana is eliminated. Rosa comes in but Brie dropkicks her. Nikki tags in and they hit Double Trouble for the pin. Rosa is eliminated. Cameron tags in with Tamina. Cameron counters and goes for a DDT but Tamina throws her off. Naomi comes in and they double team Tamina with a suplex. They drop a split on her for a 2 count. Naomi counters and hits a cutter. Tamina comes back with a huge superkick and pins Naomi. Naomi is eliminated.

Cameron comes in but Tamina hits a big Samoan Drop for the pin. Cameron is eliminated. Natalya comes in and rolls Tamina up for 2. Tamina with a big clothesline but misses a splash in the corner. Natalya with the Anvil clothesline and a suplex. Natalya slams Tamina and tags in Jo Jo. Jo Jo covers Tamina for the pin. Tamina is eliminated. Alicia grabs Jo Jo. Jo Jo ducks a kick and rolls Alicia up for 2. Alicia catches her in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for the pin. Jo Jo is eliminated. Alicia and Eva go at it now. Alicia goes for a roll up but Eva drops down on her for the pin. Alicia is eliminated. Natalya tags in and locks up with Kaitlyn.

They go at it and Kaitlyn goes for a pin. More counters until Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter. Kaitlyn taps out and is eliminated. It's AJ Lee and Summer Rae vs. Natalya, Eva and The Bella Twins. AJ charges Natalya and they go to the corner. AJ charges again and they trade counters. AJ blocks a Sharpshooter and rolls Natalya up for the pin. Natalya is eliminated. Brie comes in and dropkicks AJ in the back but it barely connects. Brie with a facebuster for the pin. AJ is eliminated. Summer starts dancing as Brie watches. Nikki tags in and does the worm again. Summer tries but has no luck, she just flops around the mat. Summer tries to leave the ring but Eva stops her. She runs to the other side and Brie stops her there. WWE fans chant for the Divas to start twerking. Summer keeps trying to leave but they won't let her. Nikki grabs Summer in a rack and drops her for the win.

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