Total Divas Recap: Trinity's Dad Comes For A Stay, Nikki Feels Awkward At John's House, More

Then, Trinity and Jon meet with Natalya to watch her dad play. They tell Natalya about what's been going on. Natalya gives her thoughts on the matter. Then, Trinity gets up on stage and sings with her dad. Afterwards, Trinity's dad walks up to their table and Trinity offers to have the after party at their apartment. Jon doesn't like it because he has to get up early.

The show heads to Trinity and John's apartment. Everyone shows up for the party and there are tons of people in their apartment. Jon looks angry the entire time. Trinity tries to talk to him and he asks her to shut the party down. She doesn't want to because she never sees her dad. Jon asks to talk to her outside and they argue.

Back from commercial and Jon and Trinity are still arguing. She calls Jon a party pooper. He asks if she wants him to go or the party. She says that she doesn't want him to leave or the party to stop. Jon leaves.

Things head back to John Cena's house. Nikki arrives and John has gifts of candles, flowers, and blank picture frames for her. He says that he thinks she has been right all along. He says that she lives here now, so it needs to be their house. He doesn't want the way he likes things to get in the way of everything. He says his gifts are the start. She asks if they can cook dinner.

Then, Trinity and her dad go to a pier to talk. She talks about how her and Jon have been fighting over him staying there. She tells him staying there is causing problems because Jon can't have any private time. Her dad says that he understands and they hug to end the show.

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