This week's episode of Superstars opens with Tom Phillips and Alex Riley on commentary.

Summer Rae comes down to the ring minus Fandango with her NXT music.

Summer Rae vs. Kaitlyn

Summer dances, and Kaitlyn chases her into the corner. The ref backs Kaitlyn up, and Summer comes out of the corner. Kaitlyn hits a pair of clotheslines and whips Summer into the corner. She charges and hits Summer with another clothesline. Kaitlyn tosses Summer across the ring by her hair, and Summer rolls outside. She screams she doesn't need this, and starts walking up the ramp. Kaitlyn follows her, and Summer kicks her in the face. Summer tosses Kaitlyn into the ring and chokes her on the middle rope with her leg from the apron. Summer hits Kaitlyn in the head with her butt, and then gets back into the ring.

Summer goes to attack Kaitlyn, and Kaitlyn lands a quick pin attempt. Summer kicks Kaitlyn in the chest and spikes her face first to the mat. She chokes Kaitlyn in the corner with her boot. Summer slams Kaitlyn to the mat and gets a two count. She locks Kaitlyn in a camel clutch. Kaitlyn fights out and hits a backbreaker. Kaitlyn lands a clothesline and a flying shoulder tackle. She picks Summer on her shoulders and lands a gutbuster. Kaitlyn tries to spear Summer in the corner, but Summer moves and rolls Kaitlyn up for the win.

Winner: Summer Rae

Then, the opening segment from RAW is shown where Orton cuts a promo about winning at TLC.

Next, a portion of Punk and the Usos vs. The Shield from RAW is shown.

R-Truth and Xavier Woods vs. Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal

Xavier and Mahal start off. Mahal locks in a side headlock. Xavier gets out and takes Mahal to the mat. Mahal gets to his feet, and Xavier hits a dropkick. Mahal drives Xavier to his corner and McIntyre tags in. McIntyre hits Xavier with a chop. He clubs Xavier in the back and goes for a bodyslam, but Xavier gets away and hits a chop of his own. Truth tags in and he and Xavier double chop McIntyre. Truth hits a back elbow and tosses McIntyre outside. Mahal check on him, and Xavier and Truth hit them with dives as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Truth locks in McIntyre's arm. McIntyre kicks Truth in the stomach. Truth whips McIntyre, and Mahal tags himself in. McIntyre slides outside, and Truth hits Mahal. McIntyre gets up on the apron to distract Truth. He drops down, Truth turns around, and Mahal hits a high knee to the face. Mahal stomps on Truth. McIntyre tags in and stomps Truth as well. Mahal tags back in and drops knees on Truth's chest. He locks in Truth's arm. Truth fights to his feet, but Mahal slams him to the mat. McIntyre tags in and 3MB double team Truth. McIntyre stomps Truth in the head, but Truth fights back with strikes. He charges McIntyre, and McIntyre hits a big dropkick. He locks in Truth's head from behind. McIntyre clubs him in the back and Mahal tags in. 3MB double team Truth again, and Mahal drops a knee. He locks in Truth's head from behind on the mat.

Truth gets to his feet, but Mahal knees his gut. McIntyre tags in and kicks and strikes Truth in the corner. He chokes Truth with his boot. McIntyre pushes Truth's head around. He bounds off the ropes, and Truth hits a heel kick. Xavier and Mahal tag in, and Xavier has the hot tag. He dropkicks Mahal and hits the Honor Roll. McIntyre enters and tries to boot Xavier, but Xavier ducks and lands an enziguri. Truth clotheslines McIntyre out of the ring, and Xavier hits Mahal with Lost in the Woods for the win.

Winners: Xavier Woods and R-Truth

Then, the closing moments of Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan from RAW are shown to end the show.

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