Joey Ryan Talks WWE Tryouts, If His TNA Run Hurt His WWE Chances, Issues With John Laurinaitis, More

Wrestling Inc.: You've worked with WWE in the past. You were at the tryout camp there in late August, right? How did that go?

Ryan: I mean, it was what it was. I don't even know how to really describe it because it didn't have a whole lot to even do with professional wrestling. It was more just conditioning and they focused very little on professional wrestling and very little of the drills they ran that had to do with professional wrestling. We did hours and hours of rolls and cardio and then like a minute on promos. So it was like, really different than I thought it was because I thought they'd want to focus more on seeing everyone's acting abilities or everyone's personalities, but they really didn't. It was more like, let's just have a look at everybody and see what we like. I don't even know if there was any kind of measuring stick to be like, well if he does this well or they do this well then we're going to have our interest in them.

It was more kind of just them having a look at everybody and just getting everybody in one room and making their decisions based on what they personally liked or not. My only feedback from them really was that they feel like I'm too, which was kind of confusing to me, they feel like I'm too old and experienced to be in developmental. I'm in my 30s now, but my age and experience didn't change from when they invited me to the camp, so I didn't really understand that. To them, they're in control of how they do their system. So that was my feedback. They just didn't feel like it was the right time in my life to be in developmental. They're not bringing anybody straight onto TV at the moment because they've got a full roster themselves. So it was what it was.

Wrestling Inc.: Is that strange having worked for 14 years in the business, all over the world, like you mentioned just non-stop, having even worked for WWE in the past, and then having to go to a tryout and into a developmental deal?

Ryan: It's a little strange, yeah. It's weird where pro wrestling's maybe the only, if not one of the only industries where you can have too much experience. They obviously want to format the wrestlers themselves to the exact style and way that they want it. In my opinion, you see very little difference in the guys that are coming out of developmental because everyone has the same trainers and everybody is learning the same things from the same people. So I think a lot of guys that they're bringing up from developmental are pretty interchangeable, which I think actually hurts the business in the long run. It hurts their product in the long run. But again, it's their product and how they want their product to be.

So I think it's weird that pro wrestling's one of the few industries where you can have too much experience and be too unique or too set in your own ways to get a job, at least with the top company. Obviously every wrestler in the world wants to work for them, so they have to figure out a system that works for them so that they can find the guys that they want. I mean, I understand from that aspect too. It is what it is. For me, throughout my entire career I've been either a love him or hate him kind of guy. Either people love me, or they hate me, and there's very few people that are just in between on me or they just don't care, which I prefer. I'd rather invoke an emotion or I'd rather somebody invest like or hatred in me than not care about me, and for some reason or another in WWE, a lot of years it was John Laurinaitis was not a Joey Ryan guy. So I though this was my best chance to go because he's no longer in the position that he was before, but at the same time my age is elevated and not really what they're looking for.

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