TNA Impact Results With Video: Top Star Quits, Dixie's 'Big' Announcement, Big Tag Team Match

We go back to the Impact Zone and Brooke is coming out. She says that it has been weeks since she has seen or talked ot Bully, and although she understands why he is giving her the silent treatment, but she refuses to take blame for this. She demands that Bully should come out here and tell everyone the truth. Bully comes out in sunglasses and a hoodie, and no music plays. He comes to the ring and Brooke asks him what is going on with him?

She says they can fix this, and that it isn't her or his fault that Aces is not around anymore. Bully turns away and Brooke gets mad and says that she is so tired of being his dog. She says that she has watched him destroy everything, Aces and 8s, his family and his own brother. Brooke says he was supposed to be her ticket to fame and money. She says that Bully is like that weird kid in high-school who has no friends.

Bully turns back to her, and Brooke says that she is done with him. She tries to leave the ring, but Bully stops her and says that she is done with him when he is done with her. Bully says that he doesn't blame her for screwing everything up, because, look at her, because she ins't the smartest girl in the world. Bully says he kept her around for some certain uses, and she wasn't even good at those uses. Sometimes, when he closes his eyes, he wished he was back with Brooke #1.

Bully says that she should be lucky he doesn't piledriver her on her ugly face. Some ominous music plays in the background, and Bully says that he will use her as a messenger. He tells her to tell everyone that they know how violent he is, but now it is going to be a lot worse. Brooke leaves the ring and we go backstage to Joseph Park in the locker room. Park is looking at barbed wire and thumb tacks, and doesn't know what to do. His Monsters Ball Match against Bad Influence is next.

We get another Magnus video. This time he is talking about how 2013 was his year. He talks about going to the UK and getting a great reaction, and joining the Main Event Mafia.

We see EC3 complaining to Dixie about his match tonight. He says that they have a lot more experience. Dixie says that he shouldn't worry, because they are Carter's and the world needs them. She tells them to suit up, because she has them covered.

We get a video recap about the relationship between Park/Abyss and Bad Influence.

EY is shown backstage giving Park a pep talk. He tells them to hit his music, and Abyss' music plays. Park comes down to the ring, tentatively holding Janice. We then go to commercial.

We come back and Sting and Hardy are talking backstage. Sting says that he is excited to tag with Hardy. Hardy looks distant and says that he really didn't come here to wrestle. Sting says that he can talk to Dixie after the match, and that tonight, they can just take care of business. Hardy agrees, but he still looks distracted.

Daniels and Kaz make their entrance for the Monster's Ball match.

Monster Ball's Match: Joseph Park vs Bad Influence

Kaz has a kendo stick, Daniels has a crutch and Park has Janice. Park uses it to fend off Kaz and Daniels. The crowd is very quiet to star the match. Bad Influence quickly go at Park and get him to drop Janice. They beat him down with the crutch and cane. They taunt him and Kaz chokes Park with the kendo stick. They hit a clothesline, kick combo and taunt. Crowd still very quiet.

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