WWE Smackdown Recap With Video: CM Punk & The Usos Vs. The Shield, Tag Titles Defended, More

Then, the Prime Time Players are shown talking about their New Year's resolutions.

Vickie Guerrero walks out on the stage as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and footage is shown from the break of Vickie Guerrero making a six man tag match for the main event: CM Punk and the Usos vs. The Shield.

Fandango (with Summer Rae) vs. R-Truth (with Xavier Woods)

Xavier Woods gets on commentary. Fandango pummels Truth in the corner. He kicks Truth in the head. Fandango whips Truth and charges. Truth dodges and hits a hip toss. He strikes Fandango in the head. Truth tosses Fandango to the apron. Fandango snaps Truth's head across the top rope. Fandango stomps on the back of Truth's head. Fandango locks in Truth's head from behind. Truth gets to his feet. He hits Fandango in the stomach, but Fandango clubs him in the back. Truth hits a spinning heel kick. Truth lands several clotheslines. He whips Fandango into the corner and charges, but Fandango puts his boot up. Woods gets up on the announce table and calls for the Funkadactyls. They come out and dance on the apron. Truth spikes Fandango face first to the mat off the distraction for the win.

Winner: R Truth

The Funkadactyls, R Truth, and Xavier Woods dance in the ring after the match.

Then, footage from Tribute to the Troops is shown.

Back from commercial and Renee Young is backstage with Big E. Langston. She asks Langston for his thoughts on what happened to Mark Henry on RAW. He says that Henry was looking for a match, not a brawl. He says that Henry is banged up, and that he wouldn't want to be Lesnar right now. Curtis Axel is shown laughing. Langston asks him what's funny. Axel says he's sorry what happened to Henry, but that's not what he's laughing about. Axel says who is he kidding, that is what he's laughing about, and he will continue laughing after he beats Langston later. Langston says that Axel won't be laughing later.

Next, a recap of the events that led to Daniel Bryan joining the Wyatt Family on RAW is shown.

WWE Tag Team Championships
Cody Rhodes and Goldust (c) vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan are not present for the match. Goldust and Harper start off. Goldust hits right hands to the face. Harper backs him into the corner. He whips Goldust and hits a shoulder tackle. Goldust gets up and hits a right hand. Cody tags in, and they double team Harper. Cody kicks out Harper's knees. Goldust tags in, and Harper fights back with strikes to the head. Rowan tags in and clubs Goldust in the back. He backs Goldust to his corner, and Harper tags in. Goldust lands a clothesline and a right hand to the head. He mounts Harper in the corner and hits several punches. Harper comes back with a strike to the head.

Rowan tags in. He drops a knee on Goldust's mid section. Rowan slaps him in the chest in the corner. He power whips Goldust into another corner. Rowan chokes Goldust on the bottom rope. He clubs Goldust in the back and hits a headbutt. Harper tags in and hits a slap to the face. He locks in Goldust's head from behind. Goldust gets to his feet, but Harper hits a headbutt. Goldust fights back by slamming Harper to the mat. Cody tags in and hits a missile dropkick. He hits Harper with a running knee to the head. He kicks Harper out of the ring and then disaster kicks Rowan off the apron. He takes Harper out with a dive. Harper slams Cody into the barrier. He tosses Cody into the steel steps as things go to commercial.

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