Impact Recap With Video: MVP And Dixie Meet Face To Face, Young Vs. Abyss In Monster's Ball, More

Then, Billy Ray is backstage with a coffin. He says that Ken Anderson took his family from him, and next week he is going to take Anderson from his family. Bully says that the next person he sees is going into the coffin to pay for their sins.

Back from commercial and Chris Sabin is backstage. He says that Velvet Sky broke his heart last week, but he doesn't want to accept it. She's worth waiting for, and he wants to do something special for her in the room he's in.

Then, Curry Man comes down to the ring. Bully Ray comes down with the coffin. He gets into the ring and tells Curry Man he's in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bully Ray just stands there. Curry Man charges, and Bully puts a boot up. He takes his hoodie off and pile drives Curry Man. Bully drags Curry Man outside and puts him in the coffin. He looks at the camera and says he's going to end Ken Anderson's career.

Magnus is then shown backstage talking to Dixie. Magnus is worried about facing Angle, and Dixie says that he'll be fine. Magnus leaves, and Ethan Carter comes in. He says he has something important to talk about, and Dixie says she doesn't have time. Ethan says that she doesn't have time for blood, and Dixie suggests they get together in a week as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Austin Aries comes down to the ring. He says he's the X Division Champion. He has said many times that the title doesn't make the man; the man makes the title. Aries says that he has held every title in TNA. He says he's also the man that created option C, and that allowed him to cash in the X Division title for a World Heavyweight Championship shot. He says he's going to repeat those actions, and the Bro Mans music hits.

They come out on the apron and distract Aries. Zema Ion attacks Aries from behind with his case. Zema calls out a ref to cash in.

X Division Championship
Austin Aries (c) vs. Zema Ion

A ref runs down, and Zema goes for the pin. Aries kicks out. He tosses Aries out of the ring. He kicks Aries through the ropes. Aries fights back, but Zema tosses him into the barrier. Zema sends Aries back inside and hits a DDT. He goes up top and leaps off with a corkscrew, but Aries moves. Aries hits a discus forearm, and tosses Zema behind him. He hits Zema with a dropkick in the corner, and the Brainbuster for the win.

Winner: Austin Aries

Back from commercial and Samuel Shaw is shown with Christy Hemme. What happened between them last week is recapped. Then, he is shown approaching her from behind. She is weirded out by his collection of Hemme stuff. She tells him he is a great guy, but they need to keep things professional. He says okay and she walks off.

Then, Bobby Roode is shown ranting about Dixie Carter. He is angry he has to face Joe, and Magnus walks up from behind. He says it's Roode's job to do what Dixie says, not a favor. Magnus tells Roode to stop complaining and focus on his opponent. Roode brings up the fact that Joe made Magnus tap out, and Magnus says that he will tap out any day of the week when the title isn't on the line. Roode wishes Magnus good luck against Angle and leaves.

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