- The Interrobang has an interview with Colt Cabana at this link. When asked about the status of his good friend CM Punk, he quipped, "My stance is I think he's dead. I haven't heard from him."

He also discussed wrestling in India earlier this month.

"It was surreal," Colt admitted. "I wrestled for five days in Guwahati in Assam, which is one of the most poverty-ridden places in the world. That's one of the great things about this weird and wacky life as a pro wrestler it can take you all over the world. As a Jewish kid growing up in suburban Chicago, I was really never meant to see of experience anything like this. It's such an incredible thing for us to be able to use our talents and be able to see the world. These people had never seen anything like professional wrestling entertainment before. Their world is filled pollution and poverty. It was a wonderful experience going over there to perform and to entertain them, and I think it was a wonderful experience for them, too."

Colt also discussed John Cena, trying his hand at comedy, the strangest thing he's seen on the road, his first memories of wrestling, his various projects and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

- Former WWE Superstar Sean "Val Venis" Morley was backstage at last night's WWE live event in Phoenix, AZ. He posted several photos on his Facebook page of his daughter hanging out with the wrestlers backstage.

- As noted earlier, former WWE Spirit Squad member Mike Mondo wrote on his Facebook that he was retiring from pro wrestling. He apparently changed his mind after winning the NYWC Championship, writing on his Twitter:

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