Source: The Riv and Landin Show

Former WWE and UFC star Ken Shamrock was a guest on The Riv and Landin Show this week, where he discussed several WWE and UFC related topics.

When asked his thoughts on CM Punk potentially entering MMA, Ken said that he thinks CM Punk has no chance if he starts in the UFC, and feels that Punk should start at the bottom because he has no experience. Ken also called CM Punk a spoiled brat for walking out when he didn't get what he wanted from WWE management, and said Punk is suffering from "spoiled brat syndrome."

Ken also mentioned that WWE and UFC are both similar in that they refuse to listen to the fans and give them what they want. When asked why Triple H does not want him back in WWE, Ken said HHH dislikes him because he had to put him over several times during the Attitude Era. Ken noted that HHH strongly dislikes putting other people over. Ken expressed a strong interest in returning, and noted that he left in 1999 due to a family incident.

Ken also cited Vince McMahon as being easier to work for than Dana White, and stated that Dana White is incapable of handling fighters in the UFC.

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