Natalya Talks Getting Slapped By Summer Rae, Total Divas, Strangest Thing Given By A Fan, More

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Was it difficult for TJ (Tyson Kidd) to have the cameras around:

"He is actually more shy than me. We're actually kind of the opposite; TJ is very focused on his in-ring ability and I'm more of the outgoing, chatty-cathy and I find myself having autograph sessions where I have 20-minute conversations with each person that is in line. TJ is very introverted; he's like a cat and I've always compared it to being like a cat because you always have to earn it with him. I'm like one of those dogs that runs up to the door and is jumping around. But TJ is like a cat, and is like 'Beat it. You'll get attention from me when I'm ready to give you attention'. So, he's definitely adjusted to it, but he's having a lot fun on the show too.

What kind of surprises await Natalya in Season 2:

"I hate to say it, but I think things are heating up. I didn't plan for it to heat up so much, but Summer certainly has pushed my buttons in a lot of ways I didn't expect. I thought I was past that and yeah, she is defiantly going to be a new source of conflict for me but I like to think that show is like 'The Golden Girls';Visit Wrestling Inc. we usually end up working it out. I have yet to work it out with Summer, so I'm hoping that at some point Summer and I can go to Starbucks together and have a Caramel Macchiato and talk things out because right now, we're not there yet."

What's the strangest thing a fan has given her:

"Good question. Gosh. I'd have to say I get a lot of random gifts from them. Someone once wanted me to sign a baby carriage and that was really odd; I mean I don't mind signing a baby carriage. Signing body parts is always another thing; somebody wants me to sign their forearm and I'm thinking "Are you going to get my name tattooed on your forearms?' and somebody did actually get my name tattooed on their forearm and another one of my fans got a picture of me tattooed on her back; of me, all over her entire back So, those are things that always surprise me. But I have yet to get anything like a dead animal in the mail or anything like that."

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