As noted earlier, the latest episode of The Steve Austin Show features Lita and is now online. During the episode, Austin talked about being at WrestleMania XXX this past Sunday. He noted that he was about to leave when he bumped into Kevin Dunn, who had some beers. Austin saw that The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar was up next, and he had to stay around and watch it in its entirety.

Austin admitted that the crowd was a little cold at the start of the match, but they finally "started buying into it." Austin then noted how the crowd went silent after Lesnar hit the third F5 and pinned 'Taker. Austin said that while he never wanted the streak to end, Lesnar is as credible a person to do it. Austin talked about Dunn calling for crowd shots, and that people could not believe that the streak was broken. He noted that the life was sucked out of the crowd, and people didn't know whether to "crap or wind their watch."

Austin noted that he didn't have any inside information if it was a case of Undertaker wanting the streak to end and pass the torch, or if it was simply a business decision. Austin said that he talked to both men before the match, and 'Taker actually agreed to do his podcast in a few weeks. Austin hopes to record the episode when he heads to Austin, TX in a few weeks if Undertaker is "in OK shape." He brought up the injuries 'Taker suffered, and noted that he hasn't heard any updates, but will ask around. Austin brought up Undertaker's size and how long he's been in the business, and hopes that 'Taker is OK.

Austin said he'd talk more about WrestleMania on the "Unleashed" show later this week. You can listen to the episode below:

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